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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Product Made For Nicky!

I just now was able to get back into my email, and I came across a gem!

I cannot and will not tell you the identity of the person who sent this to me, but I can tell you that if Nicky knew who made and sent this? He would be enraged. Furious. You wouldn't guess who made it, so save your brain the hurt of trying to figure it out and just enjoy!

Did I mention Nicky would throw a shitfit complete with steam coming out of his ears if he knew who made it? I did? Ok.

I don't always reply to the reports of him going after an innocent, but I will try from here on out. My posts last night, which were many and long, were my attempt and catching up on his punishments!


Anonymous said...


I know who did it.
It is fabulous.

Anonymous said...


Poppy said...

It is a local product, but sadly, no.

Poppy said...

(P.S. It does kinda seem like whoever did it wanted him to think it was me, since Boudreaux's is from Louisiana and that's how I spell his name. Sorry if I ruined somebody's joke, but I don't have the time or inclination to go around making macros for Nikki ... though I am happy to be amused by them!)

Anonymous said...

Hehe...I just read about that product in Prime yesterday. It gave me quite a giggle.


Anonymous said...

No, the product was not made with the intention of Nikki believing it was Poppy who made it - it was just an expression of frustration.

-From "The Creator"

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