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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Additional AC Article Up

Remember earlier this week I reached out to Nicky and decided to link to AC articles from my blog about him so that money could be made?

Well that time has come again.

Support AC and it's contributors by clicking here.

Now the list is as follows:

Review: House of Spiders

A Literary Cabal

Review: Storms of Armageddon

Review: Spectral Exile

A Review of Mr. Pacione

Of course another contributor's piece was accepted to AC today. For that, I suggest keeping an eye out at Rusty Nail or autoaim for that one. After all, wouldn't you rather have screengrabs of that article to save on your hard drive to read for later? Wouldn't having those words in a picture be easier to read since you won't have to scroll down? I thought so!

Let me add something to the above post: Nicky has taken something that Janrae Frank has written on a website and made a screengrab of it that he posted in the article. The very thing he got angry at myself for suggesting and Rusty Nail and autoaim for doing.

You can call him a hypocrite, or just be thankful he did it too so that he cannot go after anyone else who does it after today!


Anonymous said...

I see that now Nicky is the one threatening to burn books. He has funny timing because the burning of his books is about to start up again.

We have a new ally, or at the very least I should call this person a new "donor", who got a copy of Tabloid Purposes IV earlier this year, and when contacted said sure we could have it to do with as we pleased. So there will be another TBIV burning.

Secondly there will be a new type of burning, and this time will feature a magazine of his. I've had the magazine for a while now waiting to torch, but recently someone showed me somewhere that Nicky swore to the other authors that this one wouldn't ever be burned on a website a day or so before going somewhere and giving a free copy away. That was a direct challenge that I accept.

Prepare for more of your books to be burned, Nicky.

Anonymous said...

Well well I forgot something else. I have two of his so called magazines. This one is an earlier edition. It will be burned first.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Burn, baby, burn. Disco inferno!

Anonymous said...

He was threatening to burn books before anyone actually burned his, I believe. He sucks and he knows it, he's pwned and he knows it. He needs to crawl into his sleepsack backwards, and suffocate on his own stench.

Lewis said...

He dreams of being a master of Horror but alas has only mastered hypocrisy and histrionics.

50 Foot Ant said...

I wish, I wish, I could get my hands on some of his more recent stuff.

I feel the need to injure my brain by reviewing some of his more recent stuff.

Lewis said...

There's a 2003 story available in the SA thread. It's a Mythos one as well, apparently written after a "hack from New Orleans" doubted he was a writer...

Anonymous said...

I join. It was and with me. Let's discuss this question.

Anonymous said...

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Report Him Anonymously

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