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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting Ready For Signings, Part 4 (Finale) or "Especially if they know how your record was if you had a record."

Your friends keep you out of jail before it happens. Especially if they know how your record was if you had a record. In my case I almost got arrested at 18 for jumping a mountain bike and being too loud in the business district after 2 AM. Shaved head so they were giving me a whole lot of shit, I was lucky that they did let me go. I had close calls like that a few times in the recent years. I thought I was going to be pulled over without a license when I saved Jason Hink's life in 1996. So many close calls with the law but lets just say I was either lucky or had someone looking over me despite playing the odds. I gambled big and won, and gambled big and lost.
How does him riding his mountain bike help someone wanting to break into the book signing biz? It doesn't, and this is Nicky making himself out to be more important than he really is. Either he is claiming he was almost a victim of 9/11, saved by a tornado for going to a concert, tied in with a classmate that murdered someone (see Cabbie Homicide) or in this case, saving lives. Funny he should mention gambling, a problem he had in high school. So much so many who really know him from years past wonder if his money issues aren't related to that still.
Being a writer is a gamble each time you submit out to magazines, sometimes you make a large publication while others are small ones. Mine that I helm is a small one but I made it into something that I knew I would pass on when I got older to my sister -- if she wants to follow in the footsteps she got that vehicle to work with but the future is wide open for her. The reason I try to keep my nose clean with the police because I want to be able eventually find my son and do have a half-sister who is a teenager right now. When I became an older brother 13 years ago -- that was something I had a hard time adjusting to because the age difference.
Again, what? This is a long post so I will reitterate that he is trying to make himself more important than he really is. Ladies do you see his brushes with the law? Does his bad boy behavior make you want him yet?

No? Well then let's move on.
I do want to take my sister with me on a few signings to help me set up but when I realized how long she will be sitting at the table handling large wads of cash, I kept thinking those long weekends I had to help my parents with their craft shows. It is a humbling experience but something that I didn't quite have the patience for.
But it wasn't the last job you got paid under the table for, now was it Nicky?
Becoming an author -- that was entirely accidental
Much like his conception.

but it was something I began to fit more into as the years came by -- Halloween will be my 18th Anniversary of becoming an author, but it was when I was 28 when I got published in print on my birthday. When I got published I had over 14 years under my belt as a writer, and one of my first online credits (and it is safe to say it was Clive Barker's site where I got published. Something I really don't like talking about, but if you see me sitting in the room with Chad Savage it will pop up because I was 23-24 when that happened. (I will say this right now, I am not influenced by Clive Barker so don't even ask. You long timers will see the influence off the back but some of you who are new to my field -- I recommend picking up Algernon Blackwood and New England Ghosts.) I've been writing horror, science fiction, Cthulhu Mythos, and Ghost Stories. The ghost story style was there a while but I really developed it in the recent years. Science Fiction was written on a half-joke to Nicholas Stember.
Orly? NOT influenced by Clive Barker you say?

They would say that I am going to hell in a handbasket because I read the writings of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft.

If anyone wonders who I write like -- similar to Clive Barker without the sex written into it but hold nothing back with the macabre.

On that note — one of my stories that I have written had caught the eye of one of Clive Barker’s contacts.

There is more, but I'll stop for now.

I've been writing horror, science fiction, Cthulhu Mythos, and Ghost Stories. The ghost story style was there a while but I really developed it in the recent years. Science Fiction was written on a half-joke to Nicholas Stember.
Ironically all of your writing, your career, and you are a full-joke, Nicky.


cussedness said...

I have not used my facebook account much. In fact, I had not even posted my first blog on it. However, Nicky must have found me already because when I clicked the link you put up I was banned from seeing it.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't want to take his sister to signings because he doesn't want her handling his large wads of cash? Bwa? I'm sure Nicky has large wads of something, but cash ain't it.

Also, I'll bet Nicky absolutely worshipped Clive Barker till he found out Barker has teh ghey. Fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

oooh jumping a mountain bike, being loud, and having a shaved head. What a rebel!

ExposeTheTard said...

Well I can still see his account, so if he ever suspected you and I were one in the same, that proves that wrong.

Has he ever thought that? I know he still to this day thinks I am Rusty Nail.

50 Foot Ant said...

Jesus Christ, if he's a bad boy what the fuck am I? I've got a juvenile rap-sheet long as my arm for assault and battery, shit I almost ended up doing 10 years hard time for it.

Every post of his I read just makes him out to be a bigger and bigger pussy.

Chad Savage / Sinister Visions said...

Somebody pointed me to this page because I'm mentioned by name, and having read that paragraph a number of times, I have *no* idea why, or what the hell he's talking about. I know - join the club, right?

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