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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Want A Really Stupid Shirt? You're In Luck!

Even I couldn't believe this.

When promoting Tabloid Purposes 3, which has an alien head on it, Nicky utilized CafePress.

The best part? This shirt!Having trouble reading what it says? Consider yourself lucky. Sadly I transcribed exactly what it says. Most shirts have catchy phrases on them, this one...well you have to read it to believe it and even then you very well may think I am yanking your chain.
Got Aliens? I've Seen a UFO
fly over the Sears Tower in
1992! All I got was this shitty
long sleeve shirt. Yeah it
could be something for the
Tabloid Newspapers but the
motherfuckers are too dumb
to write about it! And they
thought Roswell was a
hotbed for UFO activity.

The above is really, truly, honestly what that shirt says. Seriously, would you buy this? Or wear it? If you saw someone wearing it, would you beat them senseless for the minute it took you to stop and read it?


Lisa said...

I wouldn't buy it new but if I found it in a second-hand shop I'd buy it. I'd put it on a crash dummy and take pictures of it in compromising positions and email them to Nicky.

JupiterPluvius said...

He misspelled "Roswell" as "Rosewell". What a maroon!

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