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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Another essay by Nicky that will be featured on AC is on it's way.

Nicky, having a boner over a new internet security bill passed recently, is so excited that he is furiously typing away at a new Associated Content article on the matter because his books are constantly pirated over the years.

So in checking his blogs, you will very soon run across another rant by him, complete with a link that will take you to the new article. DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

He wants that very badly. Even something small like clicking on his link and going to his AC page benefits him. He gets credibility on that site based on the number of views as well as money.

Instead, keep checking Rusty Nail or autoaim to read his latest articles. They will have screen captures that will allow you to point and laugh at his ineptitude as a writer and general batshit craziness regarding the world around him without letting him profit from you doing so.

Regarding Nicky's upcoming article, where he will tell you that this new bill benefits him, I have to ask: Why would people steal dog shit? Has there been instances in the past where his work gets passed around so that people can point and laugh at it? Sure, but the people that did so wouldn't have purchased it anyway. Nicky had a plan to overcome that though, and I honestly have to give him credit where it is due because it was a rather smart plan. He hyped the hell out of his forthcoming "autobiography" in the weeks beforehand letting all of his online foes know that they were going to be bashed in it. He named names leading up to it, although the final product didn't, and was really pushing the idea that if people wanted to say what he was saying about them, they'd have to pay to do so. It almost worked; I saw a long time foe of Nicky's say on a blog of his that he would have to buy it for that very reason.

That didn't happen though.

A free copy got out to someone, who then passed it to someone else, who then started contacting a number of Nicky's enemies asking if they'd be interested in a copy. That plan fell through, although the small group of people that did that wouldn't have made him rich overnight had they bought it, and in the end the final product was so poorly written and not even edited that there would have been people demanding refunds. No really, it was really that bad.

Anyway, Nicky is now trying a new approach along the same lines. He sees the Something Awful thread about him is over 300k views now, and in his mind, if he could get all of the people viewing that thread to view a site that pays him per click, he'd be able to afford a better dial-up connection and maybe some better acne cream.

Just remember that when you are tempted to click on one of his links from here on out...

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