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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Seven or The World's Most Expensive Toilet Paper

  • Nicky isn't gay, yet he made a point of making an "all male" issue?
  • The cover is leftover from a day he went out by a lake and took pictures of himself in a stocking cap. At least he isn't on it, however his covers are becoming increasingly bland and uninspired.
  • He is ga ga over "Open Source" software, software he doesn't have to pay to use. So much so in fact, he brags on the back that he didn't use anything professional to make it. Not that anyone is surprised, but if someone is telling you they want to "buy"*your story and get you "published", shouldn't a red flag pop up in your head that he won't fork out any money for software?
  • The picture on the back wasn't even taken by him. gallery.projectwrx.com he admits that, but where is this "photographer" who lets you know in Tabloid Purposes IV that he is available to take pictures for you for pay?
  • Less authors than the previous piles of shit, but same price?
  • Ads in future issues? Did I mention he is going to shove the ads in the back so that the reader doesn't have to look at them if they don't want? And considering the above, who in the hell is going to pay to be in a magazine that isn't on any shelves?

    *Good luck getting paid for your stories from him.

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Ben McClellan said...

None of the contributors are getting paid. A while back, Nicky was openly planning to buy furniture for a new apartment (which he'll probably get kicked out of after a few months when he stops paying rent for whatever imagined slight). He has no intention of paying anybody.

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