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Thursday, October 4, 2007

This profile is set to private Part 2

Great news! Nicky isn't the homophobe he made us think he was! On his myspace page he has a bi-sexual friend! This friend is a cross dresser and even though he jokes with him about his friend in drag he doesn't have a problem with it!

But this is another reason why Nicky made his myspace private: You aren't supposed to see him commiserating with the gay community. As we showed yesterday, Nicky's other dark secret was sex. He's tired of being single for almost a decade and wants a lady. If you saw pictures of two women kissing on his page you would probably make fun of him for his hypocrisy and he can't have that.

Conservative Nicky also allowed a liberal friend to post a video clip of Bill Maher, a very liberal celebrity, on his site.

What does all this mean? Has he lightened up? Was he lying the whole time? Regardless, the truth of the matter is this is what Nicky wants and doesn't want you, the e-pirating terrorists, to see.

Thank you to a certain someone over at The Other Dark Place for watermarking these blasts from the past!

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Nickolaus Pacione said...

You have no right stealing my banner you fucking cunt. I will expose you for the bitch you are.

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