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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This profile is set to private Part 1

That's right Nicky's myspace is now private.


To keep trolls off his site?

To keep people from learning his secret projects?

NO! He's got ladies now! Little bug with myspace that lets you see what's going on with their page even when it's set to private.

Seems Nicky is looking for love, and doesn't want the public to know about it.

A 36 year old woman from Illinois is on there. Her avatar has two girls kissing. Nicky doesn't mind! Is that a half-naked Paris Hilton pic she posted?

Sep 26 2007 5:33A

I know...this is going to sound bold but....



Please don't ever cut your hair!!


Another new "friend" also loves posting naked chicks with blinky sequins, and he isn't deleting her comments either!

Plus he's contacting old chums from high school. Maybe the person who said he was known as "Nicky the Boxer" is on there now. Go take a look he'll be glad you did. **Warning** one of his friends went to the Fallen Eve School of Myspace Design and has every large image ever made on her myspace page. Unless you have the newest computer out there, a T3 line, all programs closed, and an hour to spare to wait for it to load I would avoid that site.

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