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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


On Monday we gave you some rumors about what happened at Gothicfest 2007. Were we right? Let's hear a few from the horse's mouth shall we?

What we said: Nicky had sales so low the word poor doesn't come close

What he said: "Doing book signings at events like this are always hit and miss. The only reason it was slow for the writers in general is that it was raining like mad on the second day. Even my signing mates didn't really sell any books.
...there were a lot of things that happened on my part that let a lot of bad luck to my signing. My ex-room mate showed up and had to be everywhere that I needed to be and her friend stalked me the second part of the first night when I was trying to make a few sales and sabotaged those (this bitch is done in Chicago. I had to have one of the bouncers keep a look out for the loser.)
...In that sense - Gothicfest 2007 might not have been the year I made a killing...I sold some here and there but I am guessing a few other writers had a slow night too as far as the books went. Note to self: next time focus on just one book during the signing not an entire catalog of books or a few publications at a time - because it will overwhelm the visitor. I let people make off with other titles by Naked Snake Press as a giveaway item...

What we said: confirmed Nicky's date, wasn't. A poor unsuspecting woman was duped into thinking that he has pull in the industry and could help, Nicky once again thought a female talking to him was a girlfriend

What he said: I am also bringing a date with me and this will be the first time I am meeting her too. So things will prove interesting here.

What we know: From The Other Dark Place "a young lady named Tiffany, who proceeded to tell us all about her meeting first online, and then at a Goth event in Chicago, with "you-know-who." He spoke to her about her writing, and this poor girl was naive enough to give him her cell number. She had saved a message from him and let us all hear it, and I have to tell you he sounds just like Joey Buttafuoko (or however you spell it), except with more marbles in his mouth. lol. She said when she actually met him in person, he freaked her out, and has been stalking her ever since via e-mail. She was quite scared of him, said he "wasn't right." These poor, young writers have no idea who they're dealing with until it's too late."
Is that the "girlfriend" he was meeting for the first time on Saturday night?
I think it may be, though she wasn't aware of that. She *did* plan to meet him. She actually thought he was a publisher who could further her career. Sad

What we said: confirmed He spent most of his time outside smoking because of the stress brought on by the above events

What he said: "there were plenty of moments there I found myself freaking out."

What we said: confirmed Nicky's recent weight gain and reluctance to admit that he needed a larger shirt size resulted in many event goers getting an unwelcome view of his gut.

What he said: "Yeah the weight gain was evident on my part but I didn't really have the gut showing either, but then again that was because of the medication and being in the hospital for three weeks earlier in the year.

What we said: confirmed Nick lost his voice, which makes him sick at every public event he has ever attended.

What he said: "I didn't really get a chance to do an interview but I was in no shape to be interviewed (exhausted from three days lack of sleep and losing my voice.)"

So what I wanted to do was use both the black light and the strobe lights for the booth and all that fun shit but time constraints in getting things ready to go was something I wish I had more time to do. I also want to mention this was my first signing under the roster with Naked Snake Press. The thing that had set back the book signing was that I had a family emergency to take care of and the fact there is a malicious blog twisting the truth around (stealing copyrighted photos and artwork) - I will go on the record right now and say my grandfather had a stroke. That happened during the start of my book signing so I had to go later with it. It was cool because friends actually got to play this year -- thought I was disappointed that I missed their set because of the running around. Knowing that Leper played this year it gave them a huge chance to reach a lot of people. One of the reasons I brought Coach on with his project.

We are deeply saddened at the ill health of his relatives and wish no harm to come to them, but how did exposethetard get lumped in with that? And how did we set back the failed book signing?

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