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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Probably should be more specific

We stated in an earlier post that if Nicky posted a video 7 minutes or longer on the net we would take the banners down. Then we got to thinking that he might do just that and have it be 7 minutes of pigeons on the train platform or something. He's obsessed with those things.

No, we want 7 minutes or more of Nicky talking to the camera. He supposedly has so much to say to us that it shouldn't be a problem. A video, even if taken by Nicky, with anything but him in the shot will not count.

Come on Nicky, one good rant. Each additional rant removes pictures as you go. That is if you are man enough to talk to us via video. We know you aren't, so we aren't worried about removing anything off this site.

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