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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"caught the eye of one of Clive Barker's contacts."

Well I got a few hate mails for my website, and they are dissing my livejournal -- that would not matter to me because that don't count. but those who think that livejournal is their website -- I am just sitting here right now because that loser Brad is getting rich off of them as I speak. They need som content other than bitching about a writer who they call second rate -- yeah right.

your website fucking blows you have a damn midi file playing in the background. i don't want fucking pathetic pieces of shit like you looking at my website. people on livejournal laugh at you cause you are a fucking loser. don't be sad cause you are a virgin who writes shitty horror stories. i am sure there is some kind of therapy for losers like you. do the world a favor and go kill yourself.

I am actually used to getting these emails so I am actually just laughing my ass off at the little no one right now and some who like to diss me have nothing on their webjournals so that tells me that they are losers who get their rocks off at dissing the ones who have the talent. He is a harmless little fuck who carries himself as a faggot.
On that note -- one of my stories that I have written had caught the eye of one of Clive Barker's contacts. It would be the one called City of Stone and Steel which I have written on my GothicPreacher account and mirrored it over to one of the diary-x journals I run. The account which I have mirrored for that page is the diary-x handle anathemized. I had been playing around with the layout there and been trying to write things that are really hellish on Shadowed Thoughts and Writings From The Grave.
That would get Jerry Falwell in a fucking uproar because of how dark I am getting as a poet too -- they thought Death of a Jester is dark, they should take a look at my version of the poem, Death of a Jester II. They already shit themselves with Trench's so they are going to be getting more of a chest buster at the version I had done.


cussedness said...

If he had as much talent as he has ego, Nicky might get somewhere.

However, he has absolutely zero talent.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Hey fucker how long do you plan on stealing all my content. That makes you look like a complete faggot. Shut up you rainbow flag waving dyke.

Mike Brendan said...

Nick, what you post on a blog is there for the public to see. Besides, to use the word stealing would imply value to your drivel.

Anonymous said...

"caught the eye of one of Clive Barker's contacts."

Well thank God somebody did. Hate to think it was rolling around the floor.

cussedness said...

Hi, Nicky! *waves*

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