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Friday, January 11, 2008

class nerd

Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

11:00 am
I was looking at an old picture that I will remember a long time to come, one because it was the first time that I was in New Orleans -- and where I was when the picture was taken by Michelle. Of all the photographers I worked with, she is the best one by far -- with bugbear being close behind there though because she did a picture of me in a Jewish Cemetery. One of the gothic chicago.com crew caught me in one of the most human moments -- where I was the only one wearing denim in a place where everyone was wearing velvor and PVC. I am just trying to imagine bringing Sandra in there for the first time -- being that this is the big event for Scary Lady Sarah and I did not want to go stag to this one.
I have known Sandra since we were in middle school and for her to become a mother of three -- being that I want to take her out for this, kind of giving her a chance to be herself and not worrying about three children. (I am not actually scared off by the children. I guess it had to be that I helped some with my baby sister when she was in diapers.) The closest person that Sandra knows who is involved with the gothic underground is me, and my best friend is also going with as the driver. Sarah and company are going to have a glimpse of my life in form of the people I knew for many years. Sandra and Rob saw the evolution that I became from the class nerd to the horror writer. I am a bit of a recluse but travel around every now and then -- communicatiing more through email than anything else, the occasional travel out of state and the trip to Chicago to keep my creative process going. I often wonder how Ron Dondiego, J.M. Heluk, and a few other writers keep from showing the signs of burn out.
I am still working out the details for the event that Sarah is going to be doing -- the big back pack is going to stay home this time around. I am going to be bringing the smaller pack and the duffle bag this time. But it would be when the next backpacking trip be done would be closer to October. I was talking about the idea to Debra, being that I was mentioning some about Starve Rock and she wanted to do something with the writers. This was something I thought might be intriguing in the details. I am hoping that I can get the scanner working by then and from there I would bring a film camera for this because the digital camera that I had before the one I have now -- got wrecked when I was in Washington, D.C.


Anonymous said...


Nerds generally aren't retarded.

cussedness said...

I thought that intelligence was the hallmark of a nerd.

There is nothing nerdy about nicky.

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