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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"the last boy scout."

Before you read this know that she never went lesbian on him, she always was one. She talked with him over the internet and he misunderstood her intentions. Nicky felt the need to give her money even when she didn't ask for it and when he realized he wasn't getting anything for his kindness, he went into a rage demanding she pay him back the "loan" he was "tricked" into giving her.

And no, this isn't "Jamie". She was someone he dated in high school who regrets ever laying eyes on him.

a rant....
Date: 1/17/04 at 1:22PM
This is the question that I get asked a lot because of the way I write -- I don't play around with androgeny or alternative sexuality, I never really wanted to understand whythere are people who want to bend their gender. I grew up to believe men are men and women are women, men are supposed to be with with women and vice versa. I am going to be getting a lot of hard remarks about this but this is where Poppy Z. Brite and I went at it. The answer to those who asked me what is my sexuality is that I am a straight male. I did date a girl who ended up turning lesbian, and that was something that I felt like I was kicked in the balls when that happened. My views toward alternative sexuality are going to make me seem like a criminal these days, but freedom of speech applies to the heterosexual white man as well. I might be involved with the Gothic subculture but only as a writer, I know friends who are involved with the fashion end of things and maybe some of the other aspects. Some of my views might come off as being a little politically incorrect. But then again my upbringing is old fashioned, and hope to find that female who can find that a rarity -- I am rare in that sense of the word. I get a lot of labels but the one that suits me best is rare.
Religion plays a big part on what I do as well -- it is a bit of a surprise though, with as dark as I write a belief in God is there some where. I know there are some who are reading this and wondering how come I think this way, there is a long story to that though -- it is rooted from being a Boy Scout. I don't mind being called "the last boy scout." I get called that some times by various friends of mine especially when it gets colder out. The women thing is that I want a woman who is also straight and will eat meat -- I am one who eats a lot of red meat. I would make the occasional joke to friends who are vegan of if they know of a good steak house.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone even seen Nicky lately? The last anyone heard from him that I know of was that video on myspace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. ETT. I think I went into lunacy overload with this one!

Nickolaus Pacione said...

So you're the sad fuck who's also valentinevegan -- guess what asshole? You're getting shut down for what reason. You're a repeat offender with copyright violations. You are not authorized to use my pictures.

Nickolaus said...

back off my career and my family you goddamned father fucker.

Anonymous said...

lol nick...everyone on the internet knows you're valentinevegan

cussedness said...

Nicky, inventing an antagonist called Valentinevegan to try and convince the world that you are genuinely threatened will not work.

We know that he's you.

Anonymous said...

From Nick's MySpace bulletin:

"Everything in italics is this loser valentinevegen@yahoo.com. So if you end up getting an e-mail from him, tell him to burn in hell and those of you who knew me from way back knew I won't back down when I got pushed. This is push comes to shove because he's trying to get to me via my family. He's already tried to stalk one of my cousins.

I am beyond pissed about that and I will take him to hell once I find out who he is. Maybe some of you who have a detective background can do some detective work on this loser because he was the one who started all the plagiarism rumors this man is connected to http://www.xanga.com/Peter_Barnes and the faceless loser who calls himself Otto Bremman. IF you want to give Underhill242@aol.com a piece of your mind go for it -- the fucker caused me to get a lot of spam at two of my submission addresses. They are a pair of yellow journalistic fucks who teamed up with a local to really try to take me to hell. (those of you who know who Kevin_Defeckt is -- that is the bastard they teamed up with.

..from: valentinevegen@yahoo.com

another blogger entry? haven't you learned anything greasy? weve already handed your friends enck and dagstine their asses on a platter, and now were gunning for you. you're our little bitch. our plaything. we know where you live. defeckt knows where you live, too. you know what we can do. go out of that dusty cobwebbed room, go upstairs and look at the window across the yard. yeah, the pickup. watch the lights flash three times when you go to the window. we are always watching. we know what you and the pedophile's masterplan is too, were not stupid, and we dont take lightly to ultimatums. so keep writing posts marked Fucker and making bold claims about us. in your case tabloid purposes five will not debut because we are getting an injunction and ceasing publication before it even starts. papers have been served and phone calls have been made to lulu. lake fossil press will be shut down effective immediately! you hereby quit writing and forfeit publishing rights to brian keene and karen koehler enterprises. susan taylor and dan fox of the other dark place will take over ownership of the tabloid purposes trademark, and do as they so fit with it either on or off of todp, or respectively give the trademark name to the community to play around with as such. when were done with you the only thing you will be able to retain is your pathetic name ---- and, if you're lucky, your shirt! hold on, nappy!

The Tragedies of Publishing ..

This is what I had to deal with the past year. Ever since planning Tabloid Purposes IV -- and one of the reasons why I pushed the guidelines as soon as I did because some asshole decided to create a fake account for that one -- V doesn't have an account nor do I plan to have an account for that one. But I will say this much every one of his e-mails I am putting on the myspace bulletin and he's convincing everyone of the naysayers that he's going to impersonate me to no end and he confeesed that he's the asshole behind http://exposethetard.blogspot.com.

..from: valentinevegen@yahoo.com

too late the terrorists have won. so start eating the peanuts nancyboy.

you know, when the twenty-three of us (yes, we gained two more members since christmas), formed this regime we never thought we'd see the day where we'd "expose" pictures of your mother and shirley. if you only had had the pics we have right now...

...give up writing, quit lake fossil press, turn over tabloid purposes, the pictures are yours.

Valentino Career Fineato

From: Valentinevegen@yahoo.com



Those of you who are journalists with the press, An Eye In Shadows is yours to grab when you put these e-mails together -- two and two together. The asshole is also known as archanearchiver too. Those of you who ran me in your anthologies -- I am looking for all the e-mails the loser sent you because we got a story that we can take to associated content then send it to the newspapers in Tinley Park, Illinois.


...then off to expose the tard and rusty with momma and shirley-poo it is... nighty night greasy ..

That is some of the horror story I had to put up with for an entire fucking year, I apologize to my room mate at the time for putting up with these assholes posting our address up -- yeah I tried to pay for an unlisted number for that reason."

Excuse me, but isn't gathering information under a false Yahoo identity a form of fraud?

Nickolaus Pacione said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nickolaus Pacione said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nickolaus Pacione said...

who is this anonymous fuck? I am not valentine vegan, and I got the son of a bitch's IP number, it's from the west coast. -- Track that IP and you have valentinevegen@yahoo.com. I know because my IP is Joliet.

I did a simple thing called check the e-mail header and that is proof the fucker isn't me. And who ever posted that little thing from my bulletin, I don't appreciate you taking that without my permission.

I know I made that available in the bulletin but reveal who the hell you are so I can remove you. That shit isn't even funny that you're going around stealing my bulletins, in fact I think it is rather shitty that you're doing so.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Nicky posts here and doesn't deny his dating secrets posted here.

I heard expose the tard has a poem written by Jamie where she goes off on how much she hates and despises him, and rues the fact she even dated him for five seconds in high school.

What a retarded plagiarizer.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

What right do you assholes go around stealing posts from the myspace thing, now that is an invasion of privacy.

ExposeTheTard said...

No one has the right to steal Nicky. I wish you'd remember that when you write and steal from other authors. Too bad you don't have any originality so you have to steal from others.

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