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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Deja Vu?

I thought something sounded familiar. When I was told recently that Nicky was missing, later found at a hostel and sick, again, I thought for a second I was experiencing deja-vu. Then I saw the blog entry and video and realized that was the case. But was that the first time?

No, this happened before. Almost eight years ago. But he's always been a hypochondriac.

2003-01-11 06:10:00
As I would start to wind down for the morning I figured I would do this entry on here with the update that I did on the diary-x journal. This was a bit of the throwbacks when I used to live in Glendale Heights and used to go up to Willowcreek when I was 18 -- and the nightmares I had when after I got hit by the car when I was 20 and then after hurting my back in Chicago six years later. Sometimes the stabbing pain is unbearable at times especially when I go to sleep. I need to go see a doctor about the back because there is something that could be done. I thought it was a strained shoulder until I got the chest x-rayed when I was very ill with bronchitis. The night when Sarah took me to the hospital -- I was able to walk but was in a hell of a lot of pain to do so. I had to keep my back propped with pillows and part of the shoulder, the people who were at the hostel basically switched my room where I was closer to the ground because of the spill was so bad -- they basically told me to stay in bed when they saw the doctors note. I did not see this coming though, no matter what I did -- this would of gave anytime. Where I would find relief in sleeping on the snow because the pain was numbed.
Now here I am just typing what ever the hell is in my head at the moment and being as tired as I am -- it is funny how I could even type at all. I can think fine but sometimes the computer would act up and freeze on me when I am not able to save a damn thing. I remember when I was younger and the times when doing homework in college and was so ill and tired that I was not able to sleep especially to how chilled I was at times where I even as many layers they had on me -- I was still drained and chilled to the bone. Sometimes I would long for a good sleep like the one I got when I was in Canada -- the one when I was camping on the rock face, when I would go without a tent in middle of the winter is when I would get most sleep because I would keep myself huddled in the multiple layers that would make a shrowd from the elements.

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Anonymous said...

So he whines and complains about getting sick all the time, specifically bronchitis, yet he insists on sleeping outside under the stars in the snow?

This is survival of the fittest (and the results of not being fit at all) if I've ever seen it. He's too stupid to survive.

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