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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Want To Impress The Ladies? Show Off Your Bling!

And by "bling" I mean your medical alert necklace!

Sorry folks I can't find the disk that has the accompanying pictures to go with this thread but that is probably just as well.
It was only a matter of time before I would update the journal at diary-x again -- this time the title of the entry I wrote there is Entry of the Waning. My medical alert necklace arrived yesterday afternoon and when I got this started with the new entry was last night, it basically was one that i was working on for awhile because I would see something and add more to it . The nice thing about being on a computer so to speak; I was looking over the guestbook at deadjournal basically pleased that I had two guests on there since I redesigned the thing.
The picture that is with this entry was taken on the night they did the Kidney Thieves give-a-way at Nocturna, April 26, 2002. Sarah did a little payback prank from the one I pulled after my 25th birthday. I am surprised she did not describe that one in her journal but none the less it started the camera ambushes. It also doubled as my bon voyage for Goth Con 2002, I have some of those posted on melo somewhere in the archive. This conference was better than journalcon 2001 by far. I felt out of place at journalcon because I wrote dark and surreal entries while the peers were more of the sense there to make others laugh than fuck with the readers head. The other pictures that I am going to be posting in here are the medical alert necklace and one of the typing pictures that I was trying to do when I was brainstorming the entry as it is up there now. The picture that I am posting of my necklace -- was one that I did from post that I had on Chicago Gothic Community, being that I basically said to Scary Lady Sarah not to offer me any liquor because of the medication that I am on -- that was the reason I got the necklace -- pharmisist's orders.
The icon on the left was one that I did earier today -- well a little more than an hour an a half ago. It was about the time when I was signed myself into the hospital after Nocturna almost two months ago, that was the longest 15 minutes that I had ever waited because I was in a lot of pain that day -- and a lot of that pain carried over into my writing. This was something I took a lot of inspiration from Ceara Jaen Baxter on; when I was reading her journal -- she spoke of how she would literary write to live because according to her husband -- she has to take a countertop full of medications of each thing she had underwent.
Where he would have her at a recliner and with a laptop -- I had a similar picture in mind when I would sit on a couch that my cousin gave me as a downpayment for the money he owes me, I basically curled up in some sleeping bags and had the type writer on my lap (basically since I had not been feeling well in the past month.) I figured that I might get this picture out there -- being that is considered the sickie in a brainstorming mode when writing happens. I know that this being a week between some updates on this journal but that is something I kind of expect because of I want to put more thought into the posts over here -- more for those who are interested in seeing the day to day kind of entries.

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Are you sure that's Pacione? Those sentences actually make sense. It's not well written, but it's far more readable than anything else that I've seen out of him. :)

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