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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Poor Health

[16 May 2004|05:33pm]
It was a week after Convergence took place and I have to say it was a time that I will remember, I did have fun when I went to my third convention and picked the biggest of the conventions in the gothic subculture to go to. I met a lot of interesting people; I will be posting some of my photos in due time but right now I am trying to sort them out because this is the first convention I went to using a digital camera. I did write some about the hospital visit on the diary-x journal. I got a shitload of photos from the first two days; and some side photos here and there. The details of the health scare would be from when I wasn't able to get to my meds in time; and my body responded similar to how a diabetic would go into a diabetic shock. Those who showed their concerns -- thank you, and I am hoping to get the photos up soon from the events. I noticed that I got a few doors opening for me here and there, since I am building correspondence with a few writers from House of Pain. I am building up my network when it comes to getting online. The humbling thing for me was watching another person throw up what ever they had to drink; when someone stands around and watching them throw up and helping back to their bed -- that is the sign of a good friend. I basically hung around the hotel of the convention because the hotel I stayed at was a ways out from the city but if I was to do things differntly I would stay in Joliet because I could run back and forth without any trouble. I was one of the most recognizable people there because who else had a pair of denim jeans and a pair of basketball shoes on during the convention. I forgot to pack my razor when I went because I was really in a hurry to get out the door. Though the events of the first night were the ones I had a lot of fun, then night two was one that I will remember as well -- Justin did a hell of a performance. Though the last night were the one I will remember for the reason was that when I fell sick because I was without my meds. I saw Van Helsing on the first night as well. The first time I had fun in a movie theater in years. I wanted to go to the theater for a while so I picked Van Helsing as the movie to see.

[14 Jul 2004|04:37pm]
The blood test is done, I needed to go get checked in case my meds might of triggered something. I was watching something on TV about people who have Zyprexia. One of the reasons I started this journal was for my health reasons. There will be entries when I learned of my arthritis and it was in 2002 when I was diagnosed with this. The doctor perscribed a blood test when I told him about the health scare I had when I was at Convergence 10. I can see this being a talked about story for many years especially of my well documented health problems. I will find out soon about the blood tests, I am hoping nothing comes out as far as being diabetic; but if that comes to be -- I will take it for what it is.

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