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Monday, January 7, 2008

Two settings, dark and darker and darker than the darkest

Name :
Nickolaus A. Pacione
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Point of Origin : Illinois
Bourne : 03 Aug 1976

Website Title & URL : Writings From The Grave @ http://worldzone.net/arts/nickolauspacione/
Online Journal :The Ethereal Journal @ http://ethereal.uni.cc
Occupation : Horror writer
Favored Activities & Interests : Writing, photography, traveling around, web design, rodents
Musical Tastes : Heavy Metal
Influences : H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, Stephen King, Frank Perretti, Old Testament, Dante
Your style of work : Very cryptic in the description with elements of poetic interludes, think on the vein of H.P. Lovecraft with the description or Salvador Dali of the written word. It is a very non-erotic style of horror that is more frightening as time goes on. Every piece I write is different when it comes to the approach. I also write in the epic style of poetry that is very dark in the vein of Milton and Dante. Two settings, dark and darker and darker than the darkest.

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