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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fanfic Nick

[28 Dec 2003|09:46am]
I sent out two copies of the nonfiction one I penned to a pair of print magazines. It had been near five years since I made a submission to a magazine, so I am going to give it another shot here. I am looking around to see what other places will take creative nonfiction. The one that I wrote titled Accident Revisited is one of the ones I mailed out. One can read one version of this as I have it linked up -- those who are from gothic classifieds -- the hecklers that is can shut the hell up. I am not sure of how much they pay but it is enough to get me a reduced ten ride train ticket or fill up my CTA pass when I go out.
This would be the next few times I had submitted -- I have my fingers crossed because it is a hard market for writers. Especially if they are writing nonfiction. I am adepth at writing both nonfiction and horor fiction. I will never write fanfiction though, just something about fanfiction never worked for me for some reason. I don't like stealing characters but writing Cthulhu Mythos though, there is always something original about it. That a writer who writes in that frame, there is always something new and nastier they can add to it.

(from fictionpress) http://www.fictionpress.com/u/346930/

The writing will speak for itself here. I write a lot of non-fiction as well and one of them will show up here, the murder in Nordic Hills. I am not a fan fiction writer so don't ask. I write Cthulhu Mythos but I put my own take on it. Then what one would see as an influence is either Milton, Dante, or Sigmond Freud. What makes what I do so disarming is that I am a Christian who does it; and just because I believe in God, it doesn't mean I am not allowed to write dark.

Much of that is because of what I read in college or currently reading. And what one wants to see when I am up to on a day to day basis, check the journal at deadjournal. This would give a little insight on when I will have new short stories here, on Writings From The Grave, the diary-x speculative, or on all three. The main genre is horror, though I do write nonfiction as well. Equally as dark if not darker.

I don't write that much fanfic, toyed around with a little bit of it as in a Sherlock Holmes story but the concept is an original horror plot. I did it just so I can get the fanfic readers traffic to my original work on diary-x and here. Some of the work from here is also found on diary-x and the main site. I am a history buff but that did not really show into my writing until the recent short story inspired by James O'Barr titled "Ghosts of War."
[14 Mar 2004|04:31am]
I just cannot believe I am working on a new short story already, this new one is a tribute to Rod Serling. I am not going to give too much of the plot away but I can say this much. This is the first work of fiction that I used my hometown as the setting. This one is coming along very quick and got the idea reading some of the Fanfiction stories under the Twilight Zone fiction section, this is an original story based on the Twilight Zone concept. I am writing myself into the story much as how Serling did when he was introducing the story to the audience. Also I might end up having a screen writing credit in there, this was coming soon but one that I knew it would be harder to do because I am so used to writing short stories that are four pages in length. I might end up hitting the close to five page mark with this short story. It is right now at 1865 words. That is the fastest 1865 words that I ever wrote, but writing it between chat sessions. It is more cinematic like I did with From These Eyes Of Abomination and with that Sherlock Holmes original plot fanfic. I got the idea for the story by looking at a single photograph I did on a night out, and if I post this one on AuthorsDen the photo is going up with it. But this one more than likely will be a FictionPress exclusive. This is the first exclusive to there and one that I am sure to send around without end, some who are from Glendale Heights won't know the exact area that I am using for this story but those who had followed my site from the beginning (even those who lived in Glendale Heights will know that the Glendale Heights in the story is the same Glendale Heights I grew up at from age 11 to age 21. This one could of easy been set in Roselle but I knew I would have more fun with having Glendale Heights as a setting because it seems now like a Norman Rockwell painting but at the time I lived there it was overran by street gangs.)
Jan.27.2004 9:16am
I know I am going to get some dirty looks here when I say that but I said it right -- the only one that I would do that with is Sherlock Holmes and I am doing it in a way that would make the story original at the same time, throw in Cthulhu and have Dr. Watson an expecting father and a devoted wife who happens to be the female verison of Sherlock Holmes. The case he is following in this story was one that he started when Watcon came to Stateside and met his wife while in Chicago. When I am done -- the link to it will be going up on my modblog.
Jan.27.2004 2:57pm

Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Great Old Ones
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Rated: R (graphic violence, coarse language)
Word count: (3,498 Words)
Based on the characters of Sir Arthor Conan Doyle

Well that story I wrote for fun is complete. I showed this one to Jeff and he said he would put a link up for me on his journal. I did this one in hope I would get some of the fanfic readers looking over my original work as well. I wrote this one to see if I can write fan fiction -- in fact this one came out a bit easy. I take no credit for the main characters in the story but the plot is mine, and the characters as the spouse and in-laws were an idea that I tossed around in there. Make Watson a very human character, and have Holmes beat the crap out of Moriarti. Some of you who read this in its early stages -- thank you for doing so. This is a gothic horror tale in its own right, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his famed character to be a stable in detective fiction and that opened the gates for some the finest gothic literature that was ever written -- I used to own a copy of Hound of the Baskerviles. I am sure that there are authros out there who play around with the Holmes character in many ways some Parody and every other genre out there, my take is one that it was ment to be -- Noir Horror. It is the slash writers that ruin it for writers like me, the ones who write on the strength of the story.
Another story from here that I say give a read is titled Spark of Life this is one that is influenced by a show I saw myself writing for. "The Outer Limits." Just something about that show stuck out for me because the stories on there are very innovative. I just have to imagine this show becoming a movie. Then here is a Twiligh Zone inspired one titled Dreaming While You Sleep. This story I wrote above is about as long as "A Cemetery Dream." I won’t send this one out to be print published but for those who are from fan fiction reading this it would give some a bit of an idea of how I write without taking from the originality. There is fan fiction writers who have no originality then there are those who write original fan fiction (something if one writes original fiction then write fan fiction where even that is original.) working on a fan fiction story.

Submitted: Dec 16, 2007

Untitled Johnny Alien Story by ~nickolaus

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