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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yeah Nicky, this looks like pure horror to me.

The quote used for the title of this entry as well as the above image both come from ETHEREAL GAZETTE ISSUE NINE that he renamed WINTER EDITION 2009/2010 to try to sneek under the radar. You know of ISSUE TEN since he mentioned it in a blog of his that Rusty caught, but you didn't see a thing about this. This was uploaded January 27th 2010, not even two weeks ago. If you check his nextcat page you'll see that he's announced ISSUE TEN is out, but nowhere does he mention this.

Nudity, Nicky? Yes it's classical art depicting angels, but you still posted THE most un-horror image one could possibly use for a HORROR magazine.

He uses this issue to bash a female author once again, whose name I won't use because that's what he wants. However, this particular female author became an obsession of Nicky's, which led to him having a mental breakdown in front of everyone on the net when he saw she had once again achieved the success he still can't when it was announced she landed a multi book deal. He flipped. He went more nuts than ever. Not long after, a concerned relative of his stepped in which led to him once again entering a mental facility. He also lost his high speed internet access which he still doesn't have to this day.

Kim, if you're reading this, he's still showing a dangerous obsession and appears to have picked back up on his stalking of a female author. If Rusty or anyone who has had contact with her could pass that on, I think it'd be for the best.

He then goes on to rewrite history - a favorite hobby of his - by complaining once again that AN EYE IN SHADOWS was pirated but this time, he claims "some jackoff" paid for the copy that was passed around to hundreds of people for free. He forgot that the copy in question was clearly a freebe that he had given someone.

He goes on to complain about another female author who he's obsessively stalked over the years, mentions her name multiple times in fact. This particular author literally gets mentioned in every single one of his publications. His obsession with her alone, especially after all this time, is additional proof he needs to be put away again for a lot longer and possible have a couple of "Cease and Desists" against him.

And that's only in two paragraphs.

Speaking of obsessions from years ago he just can't seem to let go of, he starts the next paragraph once again going after the former owner of gothic.net. He then goes on to mention he is going to open an account on Lightening Source for his "Broken Mindframe" crap, then again, goes after the former website owner. It's almost as if his business gets in the way of his hate-filled obsessions.

Here is a tip, Nicky: If you're still steamed at people after all this time, they have won. They have gotten under your skin and the pain they inflicted on you years ago still hurts you deeply. They get their name mentioned in every publication you put out, which means you pay to give them free publicity.

What else...

- He paid $500 to get "Collectives" published, which has such a comically bad opening line ("From this that eludes me which I pen this-as what I say what eludes me is sleep, and from the sleep becomes the etchings where...") it has not only become internet infamous for how bad it is, it also scares away any potential buyers who catch it in the preview.

- One of the authors from the second issue left a bad review of "Collectives" lol

- He talks about having to use Open Office and Atlantis-something to edit his books (freeware for the unprofessional and poor) then goes on to say that his rival's anthologies got "one star" because "they didn't have the tools for the job". I am not making that up I swear.

- He's trying to rival actual presses in New York. Later I suspect he'll build soapbox racers to rival GM.

- He's a "good writer" for never writing about sex. If ever the term "Write what you know" applied to someone...

- However, AVARICE "will have some sexual content (it's set in part in 1984 on the Sunset Strip, I wanted to portray that area accurately)" You read it here first, folks. Nicky is going to finally write about sex. On the Sunset Strip. How he knows enough about either is beyond me.

Wait that isn't true he's written about sex before. The only other time he wrote about sex was a short story that takes place in a prison, and he wrote about "tossing salad".

- He's still looking for a magazine "brave enough" to print I.O.W.A. I have to say though, that I.O.W.A. is his deepest work to date. The lead character Dean is a writer who is a closeted homosexual who buries himself in his work to avoid his relationship with his wife Lenore. This leads to his best friend spending more time with her than Dean, evident in their constant running off together even to the point that Brian happens to be there to awaken her from a nightmare, a strong hint they slept together. Dean however, is finding it harder to deny his homosexual urges, which manifest into a raven that constantly appears to Dean, staring at him, trying to force him to face his deepest desires.

- "I want someone to come in and hit me right between the eyes with something - the harder they hit the better the chances they will be in this magazine." Am I reading that right? Nicky wants you to smack him in the head with an object as hard as they can and they'll be rewarded by being featured in one of his publications? Is he begging for death at this point?

Then of course the stories, one of which is "The Room Mate", which is basically one long whine-fest about his former roomie Michelle, and nothing more.

And if you think he's grown out of his masturbatory tendencies to make everything about him - including anthologies that feature other writers - you are incorrect. The front cover is actually an old Deviantart photo of him wearing a hoodie looking out at a lake.

I know that the book burners are going to be torching a copy of House Of Spiders 3 then upload the video to YouTube here shortly, but when that's done they seriously need to burn this one next.


Anonymous said...

Soooo...there's a hot naked guy on the front of a Nicky book. At last!

ExposeTheTard said...

LOL the problem is that if you consider who he put on the cover of this one, himself, he'll probably be the one posing as the "hot naked guy"! EWWW

I also love the desperation in all of these magazines lately where he's begging over and over for submissions. Hard to believe that with Ethereal Gazette Five, Lawrence Dagstine was the desperate one and actually submitted FIVE stories to Nicky. FIVE. I see lately he's trying to weasel into a charity anthology lately just to be in something. Nothing ever changes with the Nitwits.

Anonymous said...

Wait WHAT?! Another book burning video is on the way?! SQUEE!

OMG I am so excited! House of Spiders 3?! That's the one he always brags about being published in like he finally got a book accepted somewhere. Too bad it was so horrible that it ruined the place that did it huh?

Burn baby burn!

therustynail said...

Can't wait to see the new video. Can't wait for the ensuing fireworks.

cussedness said...

While I am certain that the reference to The Fandom Writer is primarily aimed at Poppy, it was also aimed at me.

I got it taken down at all but one spot.

"Jane Rae Brite" he named her and I still have the screen shots from HWA where he states that it was aimed at me and was a "cautionary tale of plagiarism"

ExposeTheTard said...

Rusty nailed it on the head
"Way to go, promoting the authors who contributed to issue 9, dude."
He makes it all about letting authors get their work out there, and representing his hometown, and the 30% of his intros that aren't rants against those who wronged him are going on about how great the contributors are...
...but he didn't do shit to promote this. The only thing close was he mentioned the fat people eating each other story recently, that's it.

Their own fault because none of them have caught on to the fact that he keeps doing these when they never sell only so that he can give them away at local concerts and look like a bigshot, that's it. "4theluv" means "something for me to trade swag with".

Methinks that because he has to put out two of these a year he was fulfilling that obligation first thing, and he probably knew it looked stupid to release a bi-yearly publication within days of each other.

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...
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AngryInIllinois said...

He's saying the copy of "Shadows" that got passed around was paid for? That's bullshit. You know how he claims that the copies of his books that were burned were purchased and he got those royalties anyway? Absolute lie. He's lying out of his plaguerizing, untruthful, child abusing closeted homosexual ass when he says that.

Trust me when I say that he didn't receive one penny from any of the copies that were torched. The story of how House of Spiders 3 came into our possession is very interesting, so much so it may be of interest with communities who know nothing about Nicky. Perfectly legal I can assure you, but still absolutely free.

But I cannot say anymore about it.

cussedness said...

Oh, and I wanted to point out that the two figures are not angels. They are a pair of minor pagan gods, Iris and Morpheus. Dawn and Sleep.

Jenny said...

I would love to get my hands on a copy of House of Spiders 3. Just saying...

Anonymous said...
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Bluey said...

Cuss: So in other words the cover's a picture of a hot naked Greek guy?

Ladies and Germs, Nicky is finally out of the closet!

cussedness said...

Considering that the artist was French, it's probably a hot buttered French Bun.

Bluey said...

So in short he could have been less gay if he went with his original choice of Mr. February from his back issues of Hunk Rump.

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed that I've been with Nickolaus and his company this long. I never thought much of him and found LFP a place to dump work that I wrote in a day, started but didn't care for, etc.

Over the years I've tried ignoring his shortcomings or the drama he has dredged up over the years, but I'm afraid after reading his 'Editorial Desk' I am disgusted with his antics and sick of his egomania.

Sadly I'm not ready to reveal my identity and at this point I'll probably continue to give him the lesser of my writings just to keep getting these worthless Adobe PDFs to give to folks like you. If I revealed myself now he'd probably be devastated as he really seems to trust me and enjoy my work. I'm sure I'd be the subject of his rants from here on out.

I may be a coward looking to cover my ass, but I'm going to keep dealing with him as if nothing has changed in order to pass on the "payments" he gives me for submitting. Check your email box here soon webmaster.

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