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Thursday, February 11, 2010

"The Room Mate" Review Is Up

go ahead and skip my ranting and go right to the review here

Some years ago, you may remember that a review of I.O.W.A. was written that AngryInIllinois had featured on their DeviantArt page. Surpisingly,Nicky did not approve of this and complained in the comments section of the review, one of his own blogs, and many other places, as it was (and still is LOL) unpublished. Soon after, the mystery reviewer asked people in the comments section here if they would like to see a review of "The Room Mate", another unpublished opus of Nicky's, which angered him to the extent that he left a death threat here and begged us to "LET ME SELL THOSE FAGS", missing comma and all.

This week though he's been busy. He's been harassing innocents in his past two magazines - both released within days of each other - some poor former classmate of his whose email he posted on his facebook, and now I see he's actually gone back to harrassing an innocent via email. A female no less. In fact, 90% of the innocents he's going after this past week are female, because he's a weak coward with issues who cannot stand women succeeding where he eternally fails.

Anyway, AngryInIllinois has posted the latest review of "The Room Mate" which Nicky eventually gave up trying to shop around and decided to use as filler in one of his recent magazines.

Go ahead and point and laugh, he won't complain. In fact, he doesn't anymore. Seems his balls have been removed by both a relative, and two beloved trolls who somehow scared Nicky into silence, so he won't be coming after anyone that has a good chuckle at his expense.

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