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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show Me You Care

If anyone needed proof how desperate Nicky is at this point, SHOW ME YOU CARE is it.

Years ago he freely published it on one of his sites where he featured stories from other people, again for free, and in recent years re-posted it on his tripod page.

If you click on the link Rusty provided to the story, you'll see he has since deleted it. That's because he didn't have enough contributors for his latest Ethereal Gazette and needed padding.

Once again, Nicky is looking to gather up FREE stories and make you pay to read them.

Back in December of 2007 I posted the story here asking if it was legal for him to use something that wasn't his. Nicky being Nicky, left me gems like this

- "I billed you $500.00, be prepared to pay up cunt. I want your blood now."


- "This isn't a threat this time Cussedness -- I already took the liberties to report her to Blogspot and they are taking action this time around."
Then Janrae bitchslapped him as she always did.

Anyway, if you care to read SHOW ME YOU CARE, you can do so (for free!) by clicking here.


therustynail said...

I wonder whether all the typos in that story were originally there, or appeared as a result of being retyped by Nicky.

ExposeTheTard said...

I'd go with retyped, since the story itself is better than what Nicky usually spews forth.

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