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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nicky Won't Be On This Signing Tour or "Assholes?"

The important thing is that you stay un-PC, Nicky.


Rusty said...

I swear to god I read that as "cockbook."

Translation: if you do all the legwork, and set up everything, I'll be willing to tag along with you.

Lewis said...

Please tell me that it's the infamous semen cookbook he's talking about. That would just make my day.

Melany said...

Because calling people assholes makes them want to have you tag along on their signings Nicky. too funny.

ExposeTheTard said...

It's obvious he was trying to say it jokingly, like guys do with each other, but this is a couple (man and woman) and I'm sure even if they figured out he was joking they'd still pass him up.

autoaim.cfg said...

Honestly, when my eyes scanned it the first time it registered as "cockbook" in my mind too. I swear.

Wonder how much they know about Nicky? Perhaps they should be informed?

Speaking of informing people, wouldn't it be rather easy to create a short and concise dossier about Nicky readily available, which can be sent to people who need to know about him? Something that briefly yet to-the-point explains what Nicky is, to the poor unsuspecting souls his grubby little monkeypaws try to taint. Sort of like an informational "Beware" pamphlet we can send out.

Anonymous said...

If Nicky knows these two people IRL, calling them assholes could well be joking around, but only if it's common behavior among them, and they "get it." Nicky doesn't have the social skill to realize that.

Regardless, that doesn't take away the fact that he wants to tag along after they make all the arrangements.

ExposeTheTard said...

Rusty you are right about that. I found one line in an old post of his that backs up our concerns regarding his "charity interests" but don't know if it's worth an entry on it's own. Well I guess I've posted less, like this one lol.

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