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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shouldn't We Warn These Folks?

Children of the Night is a group dedicated to "Saving America's Children from Prostitution" and God bless them for that.
Children of the Night is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing America's children from prostitution. There are only 39 beds in the U.S. to help these children in their recovery. And 24 of those beds are right here at Children of the Night.
However, when a certain someone who is notorious for using charities for his own personal gain catches wind of them,
Nickolaus Pacione I heard about your organization from the CD that Deepest Symphony did on Dark Star Records. I am going to talk to one of my publishers to see if when I send my novella to them that they donate some money from the novella to the organization.
Sadly, knowing nothing about him, they believe him to be genuine
Children of the Night - Saving America's Children from Prostitution
Thank you Nickolaus. We can't do the work we do without you!
Three weeks later, "Mr. Concerned" swoops back in to show his true colors and what he's really interested in...himself.
Nickolaus Pacione If you guy decide on doing an anthology of runaway stories -- I have a novella that would be perfect for the project. Get an account at Lulu.com and try to get something going for that. I could talk to the Deepest Symphony guys to see if they want to front it because this was their gig.
"Get an account on lulu.com"? I thought you were looking to help? Sorta looks to me like he's saying "Put together an anthology so I can tell people I was accepted somewhere else." Something tells me one of his boring, incoherant stories filled with dozens of references to himself while plaguerizing a dozen other stories isn't going to help this particular charity.

However you can. If you would like to help you can do so by clicking here to donate towards this cause. (https://www.givedirect.org/give/givefrm.asp?Action=GC&CID=524)

In the meantime, shouldn't we warn them about Nicky? Or do you all think it's obvious to them who they are dealing with by now?


therustynail said...

He doesn't understand that a non-profit organization isn't interested in getting into the publishing business.

There are some very worthy local charities where I live, but if they accept more than monetary donations, they generally set up stores, online, bricks and mortar, or both, to sell/resell merchandise to help fund the organization. The Lamb Foundation, and the SPCA/Animal Rescue are two such organizations.

This place probably should be warned about Nicky's track record, so they don't come to expect anything from him.

Anonymous said...

That's really disgusting. I know he's retarded and narcissistic, but to demand that a charity go into the printing business so that he can market his shitty stories through them (and look generous in the process) is just beyond idiotic.

ExposeTheTard said...

Remember this is the guy who only wanted "Quakes and Storms" to go towards NOLA AFTER being busted making jokes about the victims. As one of the book burners pointed out, the copy they burned was one Nicky had given away to someone for free, which fit his M.O. of giving away his books at concerts to look like a celeb. In other words, he didn't do squat for charity.

But yes it's disgusting that he suggested the idea then pretty much told them to set up an anthology themselves so he could say he was accepted somewhere, because I think even he is tired of only being able to mention "Purple Page" and HOS3 as his examples of being accepted...anywhere.

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