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Saturday, February 13, 2010

STILL Hasn't Found His Morticia Addams

This was from yesterday. I think it's safe to say it's still relavent and he hasn't found "Morticia" in the past 24 hours.
My mother and step-father been married since 1986, they love each other very much, and that's proof positive that traditional marriage still works. I am single and trying to find that right Morticia Addams to come along. I hate when these bastards are anal raping the institution of marriage. Protecting the traditional marriage is not only vital but these bastards are causing their own exiction.
You know Nicky, people that go an entire decade without having sex aren't exactly procreating either. Sadly, your abstaining isn't leading to your "exiction".

Poor Nicky has been searching for his Morticia for a long time now. You can see how far back his search goes here and here or just search my blog for the word "Morticia"

btw The shocking (to me) entry I promised is still on it's way, however I've been asked to delay posting it for a day or so but it will get posted. If you'd like a hint as to what it may be about, take note of what words I've chosen to bold in this post...


Lewis said...

I can see why Nicky's having trouble finding his soulmate, he keeps on making that strange typo. Still Nicky take heart as if I ever meet a Mortimer Addams I'll send them your way.

Bluey said...

Anal raping the institution of marriage. Raping his maintainer status of the goth LJ community away from him. Raping his visitation rights away from him. Raping his copyrights.

Nick likes that word an awful lot, doesn't he?

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