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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nicky Is A Broken Record Part 2

Here is the second half of my response to Nicky's latest facebook...entry...that I wished I had never promised. Reading that once was painful. Thankfully one can count the number of times something is repeated in Microsoft Word otherwise I'd have a splitting headache right now!

Remember when he first discovered the word "Transgressive" and how often he used that? We'll start off the counting with how many times he uses his newest word "baroque"...

17 - Number of times the word "baroque" is mentioned.
34 - Number of times he mentions his own story names or books.
7 - Number of times he mentions Richard Matheson.
7 - Number of times I suspected he wants to have sex with Richard Matheson.
5 - Number of homoerotic references ("... cock and shoved it in his mouth").
1 - Number of times Nicky admits to having gay sex ("I got fucked working as a carnie.").
2 - Number of times he mentions his little sister and creeps me out by doing it.
36 - Number of times he says the word "Fuck".
26 - Mispellings ("Shakespherean" LOL "intelect", "pulbished", etc).
6 - Number of times Terry Lloyd Vinson is mentioned.
6 - Number of times I knew he was gay for Terry Lloyd Vinson.
3 - Number of times he takes a swipe at actual real successful authors he hates.

I could do that for days with this, but I shant. Like Rusty said he's become unhinged.

I did catch him in a lie ("The hell you say?! Nicky? Telling lies?!") when he said
"...my work caught the attention of JOE BOB BRIGGS with LIBRARY OF BONES!"
He might have gotten away with that lie too if I werent' on the web to remind people exactly what transpired between Nicky and Mr. Briggs.

He sent Joe Bob a rambling letter and included "Library of Bones". He got a personal response from Joe Bob alright, but nowhere did he mention he read it. If you read the link he said
"Sounds like you've totally got it going on, bud."
Which is the equivilent of "That's nice". I spoke to a friend last year who told me that he also had emailed Joe Bob Briggs in the late 90's, asking him about his part in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and he also got a short personalized response from him. My friend hasn't gone around claiming to be famous now because of that, but that's because he's not Nicky.

Nicky, who has become nothing more than a name dropper and rock groupie. If you read any of his Myspace or Facebook posts that he leaves on other people's profiles, all he does these days is drop names. He shills his own work, mentions someone else he knows, then pretends to try to hook people up like some greasy networking expert.


Sir Otter said...

I believe Shakespherean refers to snow globes, which in some places are referred to shake-em-ups. Shake Spheres sounds like a reasonable term for them.

ExposeTheTard said...


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