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Monday, February 22, 2010

"Yes I am very Gothic like that"

This was only a month ago, but you can see another example of how his mind is stuck in a loop where he can only reference a select amount of thoughts, such as
  • pastors/preachers/church
  • Gothicism(???)
  • "his" old apartment (more on that next entry)
  • Coach/Coach's Midnight Diner
  • religion
Jan 25 2010 10:18 AM
Hey Ray I think I came across a Miss Linda in Iowa. She's a pastor who preaches off a near death experience. I actually used the referrence of Miss Linda in the story I wrote. She preaches with the holy book in hand but she was missing something -- her crystal ball! I also write in the same story that I wonder if she has nightmares about standing over her lifeless body in the hospital bed standing over the empty shell with two coins. The coins are for the ferryman to cross the River Styx. (Yes I am very Gothic like that. My testimony had hints of Gothicism in it because of the occult details. I actually held a lot of that back -- because if I really got into it some might be a little scared sh*tless.) My friend, John Welborn, from Empyrean Sky did a song about that called Into The Depths. The boatman crosses the river and the souls tormented sing the Devils Choir sort of thing -- it's a reference to Dante's Inferno. I didn't exactly let people know from church that I was that well read. If you saw my old apartment in Justice, Illinois, man you would freak at how many books I actually own. I have about 100, all horror and Science Fiction -- not talking just Stephen King but I have a lot of pulp era horror.
There's book you need to pick up -- it's called Coach's Midnight Diner: Jesus Vs. Cthulhu Edition. Coach and his wife run a small press out of Crystal Lake, Illinois. I actually went through this book in one day when Coach gave me the e-book until the print one came -- he actually hand delivered this at Gothicfest 2007. He, myself and a crime author from Schamburg, Illinois, shared a table -- the other writers were a Satanist named Corvis Nocturnum, A Wiccan named Raven Digitalis (this guy was my verbal sparring partner because he knew I was a Christian, a meat eater and a Conservative -- you remember how I used to play pranks on vegita
While I like to imagine Nicky"playing pranks" on Vegeta from Dragonball Z ("What 9000?!") I do believe he is talking about this individual here.

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"If you saw my old apartment in Justice, Illinois, man you would freak at how many books I actually own. I have about 100,"


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