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Saturday, December 29, 2007

"There's three sides to every story, his, mine, and the truth." or "I am just a prick to the assholes"

Mon, Oct. 6th, 2003, 09:25 am
Accusing me of being a racist when you don't even know a goddamn thing about me, shame the fuck on you. Before you delete this post hear me out, the reason I get shit on is because I do have conservative views and will piss a few people off because of that. And to get enjoyment out of the pain of people who have a mental illness? What the hell is wrong with you? I suggest you pulling the fucking post you made about me before I make this one I made of you public. Don't blast on me because I will blast on you right back and by the time I am done you would be wondering what the hell did I just say to you until you think about it. When you respond to this, put yourself in my place -- see it from my eyes. Before you listen to a troll like taintedpeter. He is no friend of mine, and that is proof -- theonebob blasted me from day one I had the community in my control. Two can play the blacklisting game, and it is an ugly one -- so here are the rules, I take down your email address, you take Peter's post down. Peter's been nothing but a thorn on my side since I banned him from the Goth LiveJournal Community.
I have every reason to be pissed off at you but I ask you this, be a fair judge before you take sides. This is my side of the story. And it goes further back than what Peter states, in fact it starts when I got banned from Dead Element.com where he was one of the mods and this fucker tossed me because I called him a self-rightous fuck. You are no better than they are by posting that, now be the better person and delete the post -- stay out of it. The grudge between me and TheOneBob is something that is just between me and him. Before write me off as another hack who is just trying to save my neck, I am coming at this with an angle of a bill collector because I learned how to deal with impossible people. You are no worst than Marc Fischer who posted an article about a friend of mine when he did not do his research. As you are making the same mistake with me at this time, don't underestimate me because I am one of those who will be that thorn in your side that will not end. You made war with the wrong person when you did that post. There's three sides to every story, his, mine, and the truth. And you are just hearing one side and you are the one who has the closed-mind because I have a mentality that falls in the mainline conservative, you are more likely to post something by a homosexual without hearing the side of a straight person.
You proving to be every bit of a liberal whiner as they are -- so with that, this makes your site the worst of them all. What I do is the lesser of the evils. Is the reason to have the site you work with to be an asshole, well it worked because you are dealing with one of the most infamos assholes on livejournal. Give me one rational reason not to take your name of my own blacklist, is it because you are communist -- that is close? I had been watching this site since the beginning that I had joined livejournal, I had done my rearch on you and waited for the right time to do this. And this is no better time than the present. All I say is look at the situation from my eyes and figure out what would of you said -- if you were me, you would of been just as venomous as well. Just being around is known to piss a few people off every now and then, it comes with the territory and I pissed off Poppy Z. Brite. I am not going to let you push me around because I had been around a hell of a lot longer than half of these fucks. I have been almost around as long as your "fucking hero." You should fucking know better, you cannot out smart a smart-ass. It is where Peter and Onu both hacked my account on the friend's message board.

Tue, Oct. 7th, 2003, 03:08 am

What your perverse veiw is right is, I am just a prick to the assholes and you apply to fall into that coin of being an asshole. Murder groupie.

Tue, Oct. 7th, 2003, 05:15 am

As you can see I am giving you the middle finger right now and telling you to go fuck yourself. Find a rifle and perminately sew it to your ass, and on timer it would pull its own trigger shooting you with it.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the address that he posted a while back is also the address of one of his uncles.

You can confirm that by doing a search for the last name "Pacione" in the state of Illnois on zabasearch.com.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, that comment about his uncle's address was supposed to go with your last post, not this one. My mistake.

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