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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Getting approval from him is almost getting the nod from Stephen King himself."

Date: 5/1/04 at 12:34PM

I thought I would pull this out since some people don't believe me that Joe Bob Briggs read the story Library of Bones. This is were I got some real recognition. This will back up my claims about how my work is. I thought I would post the email in its full form. Those of you who been reading my modblog for awhile -- Elygian if you remember the show Drive In Saturday Night or Monster Vision, this guy would need no introduction. This email appeared in my inbox on Tuesday, July 01, 2003. I cannot believe it is a year in July when he emailed me. This is the perfect timing for me to send him a book review for Terry Vinson's book. I am going to make sure that this book in the hands of JBB. I will be emailing him within the next few days with the writing sample, Shit, he got that already when he read Library of Bones.

Dear Nickolaus,
Sounds like you've totally got it going on, bud. I agree with several of your observations, especially about Kevin Williamson and Stephen King. I think Big Steve has an edge now he didn't have before, so it's baffling that he's considering retirement.
Keep up the good work, man. And do me a favor and send me your postal mailing address so I can put you on my mailing list for the propaganda I occasionally send out. Among other things, I'll be hitting the road soon with my one-man show, and I want to drop you a line before I come busting through Chicago.
Hang in there,
Joe Bob

That was just a thrill for someone that famous to say they have been reading my work. This is Stephen King's best friend. Getting approval from him is almost getting the nod from Stephen King himself. I have to send him a link to House of Spiders. So I will be doing a book review soon enough for his site -- and it would be cool if I could actually be part of the book club. He is best known for being a b-horror film reviewer. But for him to send me feedback on a serious horror tale, this is something that does more than kick ass. I will have to do reviews of both The Face and Other Fantastic Tales by Ronald S. Dondiego and Bone Chills by Terry Vinson. Now I need to pick up a copy of Nocturne and Neon. One thing about Joe Bob Briggs, the guy deserves a lot of respect. I looked up to this guy when I was a teen. It was because of this email that I am so driven. So Jimmyboy, still think I suck?


MikeBrendan said...

In a word, Nick... yes. You still suck.

Anonymous said...

New Nicky video before it gets deleted


Nicky'sTeenLovingDaddy said...

NO WAY hahahahahahahaha oh man wow

ExposeTheTard said...

that's great anonymous I always knew Nicky was a closet Britney fan! Actually got teased for a time in school by the metal heads for wearing a Winger t-shirt and teased by the rest of the kids for just being retarded.

cussedness said...

It doesn't say any where in that email that the fellow had actually read nicky's work. It's just a standard answer to a piece of fan mail.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I am shutting your operation down asshole.

Anonymous said...

I bet you have a hard time shutting off the lights, Nicky. I mean I can understand -- both labels on the switch begin with an "O" so it must be hard for to comprehend what's what.

cussedness said...

Same as you're shutting down my career, Nicky?

Mike Brendan said...

Why I do declare, Nicky-girl is falling behind on his cursing. Only one in that sentence. Keep up the good work and good luck with that whole "shutting down" thing. By the way, I got a snowball for you to deliver...

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