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Monday, August 18, 2008

"...arson and other death threats. More stable people call that 'venting'”.

As a rule I don't usually post comments on other people's blogs, so I will present my evidence of why yet again, Lawrence is a hypocrite and liar here.

Seems someone posted about Blog and Internet Psychosis, and magically the two worst examples Nicky and Larry arrived to tell us what its like in their imaginary world where they are innocent of such charges.

including death, arson, and rape threats. My blog follows the antics of nitwit bloggers who have huge egos in reverse proportion to their writing skills.

Where are these threats? - Lawrence Dagstine, from here
Threats? How many times to I have to keep beating the same dead horse?

Your numerous threats are compiled here, here, and here.

Regarding the threat of arson, Nicky the other commentor on that blog, did so here

Those books are not free downloads. I will have your blog pulled.and will see to it someone kills you and burns your house down.

Posted 6/24/2007 7:37 PM by nickolauspacione
Back to the other psychotic wannabe writer, Larry.
If you don’t have a social life, perhaps it’s because you spend too much time in virtual time, on a computer, or the blogosphere rather than trying to make friends right outside your door. - Lawrence Dagstine, from here
says the guy who got so upset over something said about him online, he got in his car and drove many many miles to, well lets let his own words tell that story

And then there’s Rusty (we’ll just call you that here in public). Since I have cancer anyway, and I have nothing to lose, and I have your home address, I figured I’d fill the car up with gas and drive out to your house and see who the person behind the blog is. I waited, sipping a cup of coffee behind the wheel, and when you finally came out and I matched you, Rusty. I FUCKING LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY! I spit up my coffee! - Lawrence Dagstine, cancer-ridden but well enough to drive hundreds of miles to stalk, from here
Ironically, after stating that even with his ill health he still found the strength to stalk in real life, he has the gall to say
Yet you manage to still blog, make coffee, and run over to your computer. Even in your worst condition. How is that possible? Me, when I feel sick, I go and lay in bed. - Lawrence Dagstine, from here
but months before he said
Since I have cancer anyway, and I have nothing to lose, and I have your home address, I figured I’d fill the car up with gas and drive out to your house and see who the person behind the blog is.

The same person who did and said that had the gall today to say
You always have aberrant overreactions to comments
Wow. Again, he overreacted to comments by driving to someone else's house.

My opinion: you’d probably be a more stable and productive author if you concentrated on writing rather than blogging or visiting messageboards.
That is exactly what people have been telling him since he started jumping from messageboard to messageboard, switching sides, and becoming the laughing stock of both the literary c0mmunity and internet.
For example: if somebody were to threaten you in virtual time (on a blog or messageboard) that they were going to shoot you, they would have to have an e-gun. We all know that e-guns don’t exist. Real guns kill. Not virtual guns, or people who blog about them. The same goes with arson and other death threats. More stable people call that “venting”.
You threatened to tie up your "friend" Nickolaus Pacione and smear feces on him. There has to be better ways to releave stress and "vent" than that. Who are these stable people you are talking to? YOU THREATENED TO TIE UP NICKOLAUS PACIONE AND SMEAR SHIT ON HIM.


cussedness said...

you nailed him, ETT.

cussedness said...

I said that I wanted to shove Tallman's ass up between her ears (a physically impossible thing) Dagstine was quick to call it a threat.

When he says it, it's venting.

When I say it, it's a threat?

Anonymous said...
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JupiterPluvius said...

As I said on The Rusty Nail, smearing feces on Pacione is redundant.

cussedness said...

One of the things that most ticked me off about Dagstine's belittling comments regarding my disability was that my polio has been well documented. If Locus had all of their archives posted to the net, you would find mentions of it dating back to the early 80s in some of their articles.

I have spoken about it in various interviews over the years.

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