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Friday, August 8, 2008

With Friends Like Him part 3

Taken from Janrae Frank's blog

Ms. Frank, I just emailed Eric Enck. I told him to come visit your fake, libelous, doctored blog. I hope you don't mind.
Posted 7/27/2007 1:19 AM by DagstineLB - reply
Let us start with the obvious.
your fake, libelous, doctored blog.
Fake. Libelous. So while he was getting numerous people mixed up in the ValentineVegan fiasco, he had the nerve to accuse someone else of being fake and libelous?


Lawrence Dagstine

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« Reply #15 on: May 10, 2008, 08:36:15 PM »

So you're admitting that you're VV, but you claim on Shocklines that you aren't?

I ask again. Do you have some sort of learning disability?

No, not one bit. Having a little fun. Chiming in, that's all.

See that? He had admitted to being ValentineVegan, but at that point he had actually gone on Shocklines and denied it, after admitting he was. He probably hoped that the general population on Shocklines hadn't seen his admission, and probably counted on Matt, the Shocklines moderator, to delete anyone pointing that out. He did, which is why I cannot link to the thread in question.

In that same thread, he strongly suggested physical violence towards a woman who pointed out his real life creepiness:
From New York, Amanda? I'll be at a couple of more of those readings later on in the year... perhaps we'll bump into each other. You'll get to see what I'm like in person. happy8
He had suggested in the same thread physical threats against two other people, but this one stood out as a threat against a woman.

In that same thread, when asked about a claim he made that he was going to be featured in Asimov's, a claim later found to be false, his response was
What do you mean, Asimov's? Come on, everybody knows I was messing around with that one. And with most higher paying SF and horror magazines in a ghetto right now and going on hiatus left and right?
Messing around. That's what all the stalking, and lying, and threats, and harrassment under ValentineVegan was, messing around.

He also writes off VV in the same manor, in that thread, by saying

Nick KNOWS I was VV, Scotty.
So you see, everything he did is ok because he was just messing around and he admitted it. As to why Pacione accepts this and is friends with him again, I don't get that at all. Nor do I understand Matt befriending him. Maybe he didn't know the extent of what he did as VV. Maybe he does now. Will it matter?

Back to the most hilarious and bizzare ass kissing I've seen ever
again from Lawrence's blog
**SMALL NOTE: I would learn much later that this fit was due to a book called HOUSE OF SPIDERS 3. It was carried on Shocklines. As for me, I really have nothing against this author.
Right he has nothing against Nicky. He was just messing around.
again from Lawrence's blog
Nick brought up things to me again… Things I should NOT have heard… Then he sent emails, and if you toss our 2005 talks into the mix, he had now showed me concrete evidence of things I wish my eyes had never seen. Seriously, I was left disturbed. I was in denial at first, of course. But I felt disappointed; I actually cried.
Wow! This explains it all! The reason Lawrence took on the alt ValentineVegan and harrassed Nicky in such a ruthless way was because he made him cry!

I'm almost done folks

again from Lawrence's blog
My question is why did Nick Pacione NOT print it in the book? Why didn’t he go to press with it? Why, in the end, change everybody’s names into “code names”? Was it because, deep down, he did have some small ounce of… Wait for it… Morals? Hell if I know. Because what he showed me personally in the beginning of it all could have brought down a hierarchy! Yet when An Eye in Shadows premiered, it focused mainly on his high school years and youth.
Maybe because he recieved emails like this one from Lawrence Dagstine whose exact words were
So do yourself a favor and take your book down, edit keene out -completely! then, with our permission you can put it back up 'bout your high school glory days. take keene out. last warning!
--Legion; we are many!!"
The very person who created the blog yesterday claiming that Nicky showed him things he wished he had never seen, and made him cry, who is lauding An Eye in Shadows, said
so, here's the ultimatum, pacione. you can either take the book down and destroy it forever. apologize to TODP. give up writing non-fiction forever, or you can keep the book up at cafepress and we sue you successfuly for the royalties AND take over Tabloid Purposes 5.
"such as send 13,145 unwanted yet pirated copies of Nicky Pacione's non-fiction scalding bucket of piss, scat, shit, doo doo, or urine to every writer of every level of genre. you got it, greasy, mass communication and mass emails. we did this by the book, just like you did your thing with your book. now you will lose sales, people will open their emails and laugh at you, perhaps even press delete. but, too late. what's done is done. you have been pirated. And we will keep pirating you. For the next project 13,000 will seem like 26,000. After that 26,000 will turn into 52,000.... After that 100,000."
"the end is here for you pacione. you aint doin no signings or gettin your non-fiction book in any bookstores. you're getting beat up instead.
"we've just started collaborating and putting together our 'counter book.' (Yeah there is a counter book planned on that counter book -- I plan to take each of you apart systematically.) only we're using your real name, family and friends, histories there, addresses and all. the public needs to know. no, not fag, bitch, cunt, scalding piss, shitwad, stuff like that. we're coming down on your punk ass with 506 pages -- double yours -- using the name Nicky Pacione and Tabloid Terror. Watch your back, son! because there is nothing you can do to stop the counter title now that you've released this libelous piece of shit.
so do yourself a favor and take that cafepress version down. now!
In conclusion, Dagstine said in his latest entry that Pacione was kind to him and showed him the evils of the industry. He questioned why he didn't mention names in an Eye in Shadows, and now you all know that during that time, the very person who is gushing about Nicky in his blog right now, was threatening Nicky and his family the entire time.

With friends like him, who needs enemies?


ExposeTheTard said...

Janrae I couldn't find your email to ask your permission to use and link to your blog so if you want me to remove that just say so.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond contempt. Dagger knew exactly where to stick the knife in and how to twist it, which only exacerbated Nicky's problems. No wonder Nicky's shriveled little mind has honed in on the themes of 'pirating', book-burning and the revealing personal information.

Nicky is co(s)mically stupid, but at least he provides some entertainment value. Dagger is simply a malicious waste of bandwidth. Ignore him, turn away, and he'll probably fade away due to lack of attention.

cussedness said...

ETT, you are welcome to grab anything you like from my blogs.

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