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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nicholas Pacione or Worker's Comp Redux

Apparently the information was in fact wrong so I am removing it from here.

Not that Nicky is a bastion of truth or that you can take him on his word.

But since I have a policy of posting only the truth, I have removed this entry.

Regarding Nicky's actual injury, people have had similar on the job injuries or worse and none felt the need to write a story that made it out to be some major injury.



Anonymous said...

Wasn't Nicky living in Iowa in 2001? In any event, I think he was pretty much unemployable by the time he was 25.

ExposeTheTard said...

You know, I am supposed to be the expert on Nicky, and I don't remember Rusty! lol thanks for showing me up!

I really cannot remember. I have to dig through my Nicky Drive (N:) and look at certain pages I have saved around that time to see.

I am not going to say yes or no because at this very second I don't remember and you could be right. However, off the top of my head, I remember reading his chat transcripts from 9/11/01 and he was scared to death the terrorists were going to ram a plane into the Sears Tower. I would think if he were in Iowa he would be panicking about places in Iowa.

If I am wrong, I will remove the entry because not only do I not want to bring attention to some poor schmuck who happens to share the same name as him, I don't want to post lies about him. Anyone, him especially, can say what they want about me and him, but I do not post information on him or the other Nitwit that I know is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nicky posted an entry about saying it's not him in that worker's comp case from 2001. He says he was back in IL by then, and claims he was already on disability.

Come to think of it, I do remember him getting all panicky about the Sears Tower in something he's said, although he wasn't on my radar at all until 2004. I always thought it odd that he would panic about the Sears Tower, since Morris is SW of even Joliet. You're probably right.

I was in Chicago that October for a convention; it was almost a dead-zone, because most of the ad agencies in NY that would normally have sent people had no-fly policies in place after 9/11. But it made getting dinner reservations very easy. Morton's was virtually empty when we walked in, even tough I had made reservations. Turns out it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't bothered.

Anonymous said...

I've known Nicky Pacione for many years. He's never been what you'd call "employable." I'm confident that he never will be. He will never achieve any sort of success (unless pissing-off, frustrating, or otherwise amusing us all is his goal) whatsoever.

He cannot write.

He cannot cope with real life.

He cannot raise himself above the level he's at now, which is shit.

Shit-level, ladies and gents, is where Nicky resides now and forever.

I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a total prick.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's only three possible destinies for Nicky Pacione: homeless, incarcerated in prison, or a guest of a mental institution when he finally goes over the edge.

In any case, I can't say I won't be too sorry to see him go.

Anonymous said...

"However, off the top of my head, I remember reading his chat transcripts from 9/11/01"

I would love to read these, if by some chance you still have 'em.

ExposeTheTard said...

I do anonymous. It involves him and someone else in a chat log, and he is flipping out over 9/11 because he is scared that he is in danger of the terrorists attacking Chicago.

I will dig it out shortly.

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