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Friday, August 15, 2008


Today after reading Nicky's crap on Associated Content, I had written up a piece myself quoting various parts of it and countering them. I then realized that was what Rusty did and I didn't want to step on anyone's toes, so even though blogspot saves what you type automatically every few minutes I won't post it.

By the way since typing and abandoning my little piece Rusty has done so here.

So rather than tread into anyone else's territory I will sum up the point of my piece with the overall question I was asking in it: How many times did Nicky describe actions perpetrated by ValentineVegan? And why didn't he mention either that alt or the person who admitted to being behind it?

Looking again I see Rusty already covered that point and with less words than me. In mine I countered all of Nicky's complaints with examples of someone doing them, which were quotes already used on here, which would have been a lot more wordy than mine.

Nicky: I know you read this blog. See the comments section below? I, unlike you, am not set-up to see the IP addresses of those who post here (not like we need it since everyone knows where you live) so I challenge you to finally say in public why you don't mention Dagstine anymore and why you let him off the hook. If you bought his excuse that you scared him and made him cry, and that he did the horrible things he did to "get in your head" instead of just talking to you, then you really do deserve the government's dime because you really don't have any brains.

Instead you focus other people who, all of them combined, haven't done as much to you as VV did. It's almost like you are trying to distract everyone away from ValentineVegan and what Larry did so you don't have to explain why you are letting him get away with what he did.

Speak up Nicky. I'm giving you the chance to right here on this page. I, unlike you, won't censor what you say either. Explain to all of us what the deal is with you and Lawrence.


therustynail said...

I say go ahead and post what you were going to say, even if you were going to cover most of the same ground I did. People read both our blogs.

As for Nicky, it's unlikely he'll post a comment here, but if he does, I look forward to reading it.

Any idea who the "real" Jason Trotter is, btw?

cussedness said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cussedness said...

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a young neo-pro on the phone, and he said "Gee, I like how you did this ... Do you mind if I do it also?"

I told him fine, And that you did not have to ask permission to snag concepts and that anyways, NO TWO WRITERS HANDLE IT THE SAME.

And the same goes for blogs and non-fiction. each and everyone's approach to something is unique.

So go ahead and post it.

PS: the deleted comment was mine. I made a really nasty typo

ExposeTheTard said...

Thank you RN. I started to do what you suggested but realized something and posted something else. I still have that to post later though.

LOL cussedness when I first saw that I cursed out loud, thinking Nicky left something funny and incriminating and then deleted it. So its ok that it was you and that is why!

Mell said...

i'm pretty sure Jason Trotter and Nicky are one and the same.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'd send him the $7 if he'd only buy a bottle of shampoo with it.

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