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Monday, August 25, 2008

Nicky During September 11th Part 3 or The 2,740 Limbs of Beladden

Back in September of 2001 our nation was struck by terrisium. Nicky would have been on the front lines dropping bombs on them but sadly, he had been discharged from the Navy by that point for mental health reasons.

But America, even though Nicky could no longer serve as a chaplin's assistant on a ship docked in Illinois (the hub of the Navy) he still had his ways of getting at Beladden: He himself would call upon the entire U.S. military to attack and bring him back some of Beladden's teeth. Amazing! Even from the most dangerous place during that time, no not Washington D.C. or New York, I'm talking about Illinois, Nicky hunkered down in his fortified bunker that was ingenously disguised as his grandparent's basement, and from there singlehandedly ran the nation.

As you will see towards the end of this, Nicky's plan was to catch Beladden and for "each civillian who died in the crashes" a limb of Beladden's would be chopped off. Now you can see the monster that we faced then and now, because now thanks to Nicky you know that Beladden was a homosexual creature with 2,740 limbs and a bitch ass.

Monday, September 17, 2001

To my friends who are in the Army, Navy and the other Arm Forces -- be ready to drop bombs on the cockroaches who trashed the world trade center. A friend of mine turned out to be safe from this that had happened but one person from livejournal died in the World Trade Center -- my codolances go out to his family because no one deserves to go down like that. I would be the one pumping the bastards with bullets but by the Uniform Code Of Military Justice I have been discharged for mental health reasons, a section 11 chapter 4 discharge which means I cannot re-enlist to any branch as much as I want to at this time. So my best friend Jason Hink is training to go into basic, he told me he wanted to be hardcore condition to carry a full metal jacket. I made him promise me that he would give me Bin Laden's front teeth as a trophy. Infantry had been called in to go now, and some of my navy buddies might be going over too. It would be the Marines, Army, Navy then the Air Force. This is a direct message to that faggot Bin Laden, we are coming for you motherfucker and by the time we are done you better hope that we don't dismember your bitch ass -- for each civillian who died in the crashes we get to chop off each limb and bring you back to the states in peices.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Nicky not only sucks at writing, he also sucks at patriotism, too!

Anonymous said...

Not that he needs a reason to get angry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inappropriate gigglefit at work!

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