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Thursday, August 7, 2008

With Friends Like Him... or "Expose The Tard's Wall Of Text!"

Not long ago someone pointed out to me that an obnoxious asshole threatened me on Shocklines with the law. This person said the law was onto me and would deal with me soon. Why? Because someone suggested he was Expose The Tard, that someone turned out to be him, and in an attempt to make himself look like a good guy on Shocklines he told people he called the cops on me for making him look bad. I am serious.

I've ignored this ass. My goal is to get out information I have regarding someone else, and this pathetic attention whore always seemed to me that he was willing to jump in the middle of the firefight so that people would notice him.

But I never forgot that he threatened me with the law, and today, I cash that chip in.

Please note: The following is very long, some may say tl;dr, but as I post all of the emails from ValentineVegan please keep in mind you know who it is now as you read what he says. It gets better towards the end and if you wish to skip most of this, I implore you to not miss the last quarter of this entry.

I do not have the Shocklines post where he admitted he was Valentinevegan, but as Rusty Nail pointed out (from a link found here) he said this

Now, mind you, I was hoping that the information he shared was false, that it was a joke and it had been doctored. Actually, I’d hoped that the opposing side was the good guys (I was rooting for them secretly). After tapping into the mind of NP for answers, and going under the name Valentine Vegen, I came to the conclusion that both sides shared an EQUAL hatred. Equal anger. Equal mistrust. I couldn’t tell the two apart. And it seemed Matt Schwartz – a very kind man who, believe me, is the HEART and SPIRIT behind horror – also shared a similar beef.

Knowing officially he was ValentineVegan, lets look at what he said as that alternate id. I am going to use bold letters to point out the more disturbing aspects of this person's "experiment".

As you read his threats, remember that he also admitted to driving to and sitting in front of Rusty Nail's house, which is considered stalking.
..from: valentinevegen@yahoo.com

another blogger entry? haven't you learned anything greasy? weve already handed your friends enck and dagstine their asses on a platter, and now were gunning for you. you're our little bitch. our plaything. we know where you live. defeckt knows where you live, too. you know what we can do. go out of that dusty cobwebbed room, go upstairs and look at the window across the yard. yeah, the pickup. watch the lights flash three times when you go to the window. we are always watching. we know what you and the pedophile's masterplan is too, were not stupid, and we dont take lightly to ultimatums. so keep writing posts marked Fucker and making bold claims about us. in your case tabloid purposes five will not debut because we are getting an injunction and ceasing publication before it even starts. papers have been served and phone calls have been made to lulu. lake fossil press will be shut down effective immediately! you hereby quit writing and forfeit publishing rights to brian keene and karen koehler enterprises. susan taylor and dan fox of the other dark place will take over ownership of the tabloid purposes trademark, and do as they so fit with it either on or off of todp, or respectively give the trademark name to the community to play around with as such. when were done with you the only thing you will be able to retain is your pathetic name ---- and, if you're lucky, your shirt! hold on, nappy!

The Tragedies of Publishing ..
- He threatened Nicky by telling him he knew where he lives.
- He claims to be in front of Nicky's house watching him, just as he did with Rusty.
- Accused him of hanging out with a pedophile.
- Fake legal threats.
- Ordered him to give up his company and trademark.
- Like a coward, made a point of saying Nicky had to sign over what he had, then named people to make it look as if they and/or theotherdarkplace were behind it.
..from: valentinevegen@yahoo.com

too late the terrorists have won. so start eating the peanuts nancyboy.

you know, when the twenty-three of us (yes, we gained two more members since christmas), formed this regime we never thought we'd see the day where we'd "expose" pictures of your mother and shirley. if you only had had the pics we have right now...

...give up writing, quit lake fossil press, turn over tabloid purposes, the pictures are yours.

Valentino Career Fineato
- Brought his family into it.
- Claimed to have pictures of his mother and grandmother.
- Threatened him again to give up writing and then he would turn over the pictures, which is extortion and against the law.

What a nice friend.
From: Valentinevegen@yahoo.com


- Well it's short and vague but it's a threat, and at this point Nicky had posted three letters from - Lawrence, so regardless of whether or not he posted every letter he recived from him, this is at least the third time he chose to harrass him anonymously and threaten him in the process.

...then off to expose the tard and rusty with momma and shirley-poo it is... nighty night greasy ..
- Again he mentions Nicky's family, one by name, and threatens them.
- Like a coward, he mentions my name to try and convince Nicky I was ValentineVegan. Real brave.

"hey cocksock, we're sick of shirley pickin up the phone. answer your fuckin phone! what are u afraid of? your grandmother is a sweet ol' lady, but it's YOU we want to talk to. we just wanna have a few words, greasy. come outside. you dont think we let this slide, do you?

and whats this! we see you got published again. darkened horizons...tsk, tsk... spreadin the taint..... i guess we'll have to destroy that publication and its authors reputations. all because of you. or better yet, maybe we should pirate it; friends of yours are friends of ours on the inside, did you know that? damnation observes no one, you fuckin plagiarist pig! yours will be the first story we pirate from this collection.

were comin pachone. so shut 'em down!

-A Holiday Valentine"
- Lawrence admits to prank calling Nicky's house. They had to change that number which costs money, do you think he offered to pay for that?
- Again brought his grandmother into it, by name.
- Gave the impression they wanted him to come outside and meet with them, then indicated they wouldn't "let it slide". That is a threat, which is against the law, in case you didn't know.
- Threatening to destroy author's reputations because he was featured in Darkened Horizons. I wonder how that magazine and it's authors feel about that. Call me wrong, but threatening to libel people using extortion is two crimes in of itself, isn't it?
- "yours will be the first story we pirate from this collection" so not only is he threatening to pirate Nicky's story, he says his story will be the first from "this collection", indicating he plans to pirate every story in it. Again, does Darkened Horizons know this?


To: Nickolaus Pacione
From: Valetine Vegan
Subject: your silent film days are over...
Date: Dec 3, 2007 1:07 AM

because we said so. and we can. and we will. we've reported you to youtube.

pull another stunt like this, greasy, and we shut you down for good. then you wonder why the 20 of us who use this handle keep wannabes like you back and bring in our own or who we prefer.

you have no class. you can't write. you copy from other authors. you're a fake. a fraud.
- More extortion threats, this time telling him to not only stop making youtube videos, but that they- excuse me he was trying to get that account shut down.
- Accused Nicky of plaguerizing, which he hates.

"your signing at gothicfest 2007 at the excalibur will fail and your book sales will fail too. you have no right to gain any legitimate readers or make any money too and your freedom of speech should be taken away. we have every right to impersonate you and steal your work like faggots because we have no lives. pissing on your covers and burning them too. it is legal to burn the flag for freedom of _expression and we will piss and burn on your books because we don't respect your copyrights. we plan on shitting on them too."
- That one looks like it was written by Nicky, but if not, it's a threat or admission if you will to urinate on and burn his books, which eventually happened.

"greasy, you will give in to us. this is not bullying or coercing. this is legal. spam is illegal. im sending you a letter, so listen the fuck up. we are fully within our rights to stomp on your rights. the same way you can use this freedom of speech and press spiel so can we. i'm sick of your sarcasm, pacione! and i'm gettin fed up. why do you think we pirated the book. and we'll pirate the next one, and every single one previous to that. we'll pirate all your work and you have no creative licensing, no say whatsoever. no copyright control because you yourself abused it. so, here's the ultimatum, pacione. you can either take the book down and destroy it forever. apologize to TODP. give up writing non-fiction forever, or you can keep the book up at cafepress and we sue you successfuly for the royalties AND take over Tabloid Purposes 5. that's right, stinky. we'll own you, your house, and the tabloid purposes trademark from series 5 on! my dogs are already on this, they've been getting the paperwork drawn up. why do you think it's so quiet round these parts. dont draw up any of the guidelines buttmunch, because it will be a waste of paper. we will make up new guidelines for tabloid purposes with new staff and new authors. what we're sayin greasy is run your publishing outfit!
--Valentine vegen"
- Threatened to "stomp on his rights"
- Admitted to pirating a book
- Threatened to pirate others
- Used extortion and bully tactics to scare him from writing
- Once again mentioned someone else, again TODP, like a coward to make it appear as if they were the ones behind it
- Threatened to sue, again, as he still does to this day, and take his money from him
- Claimed to have paperwork drawn up, like he threatened me, Rusty Nail, and others.
- Threaten to take over Nicky's project

"we're comin for your cousin too, so you better not be makin that shit up chump. cause if you are, then we'll find a cousin of yours to fuck with.
So do yourself a favor and take your book down, edit keene out -completely! then, with our permission you can put it back up 'bout your high school glory days. take keene out. last warning!
--Legion; we are many!!"
- Threatened a member of his family, specifically his cousin, TWICE
- Mentioned another author, again like a coward would, to try and make Nicky think that author is behind it. TWICE

"the decision has been made, and what better day than today. the day is coming where books shall be burned in large numbers. works pirated in mass quantities; it's already started. group efforts made to annihilate the opposition. he wants to go live, hey, so can we. when were done he'll wanna crawl back under that rock though. the pacione family is going to be VERY embarrassed. Knock, knock, knock…"who is it" grammy pacione, we’re here for your son. open up! we just want to take him for a stroll. maybe tie him to a tree, smear doody over his face, shave his head. we know he’s in there….please tell him to come outside, mammy pacione.
all of the pirated work will belong to pacione. all of the authors who pay dearly will be his cronies. that goes for his butt buddy across the atlantic too. and that shitbag from deviat art for his crude joke. we cant let that one slide. but first nickypoop. in the end, he'll be forced to tow the line for the pussy he is and he’ll eat the shit out of the ass of the big elephant. elephants have been known to stomp on mice. yes sirree, greasy wont have a choice. do you like peanuts pacione? no, really, do you fuckin eat peanuts…because before the month is over you'll be eatin grade A mass marketed nuts. and you're going to enjoy it too."
- Threatened back then to burn books, which has since happened (note: I have no idea who did those and am not saying he did, but he did say it would happen, and it did)
- Threatened to pirate books, then claimed it had "already started" suggesting he had already done it
- Mentioned his family and threatened to embarrass them
- Threatened to go to his house, mentioned his grandmother by name then threatened to

*take him for a stroll
*tie him to a tree
*smear doody over his face
*shave his head.

- Again mentioned his mother
- Threatened that all of his "cronies" would "pay dearly"
- Claimed the same thing would happen to a cronie of Nick's from across the Atlantic, and that author was not only a homosexual but Nicky's homosexual partner

"such as send 13,145 unwanted yet pirated copies of Nicky Pacione's non-fiction scalding bucket of piss, scat, shit, doo doo, or urine to every writer of every level of genre. you got it, greasy, mass communication and mass emails. we did this by the book, just like you did your thing with your book. now you will lose sales, people will open their emails and laugh at you, perhaps even press delete. but, too late. what's done is done. you have been pirated. And we will keep pirating you. For the next project 13,000 will seem like 26,000. After that 26,000 will turn into 52,000.... After that 100,000." -- valentinevegen@yahoo.com
- Threatened to mass email pirated copies of Nicky's book to 13,145 people
- Admitted to already doing it
- Bragged that now he would "lose sales"
- Admitted that he had been pirated, indicating it had already happened with the intent of making him lose sales
- Threatened to continue to pirate him
- Threatened that the amount of people recieving his pirated works would reach 100,000
"the end is here for you pacione. you aint doin no signings or gettin your non-fiction book in any bookstores. you're getting beat up instead. we're in the process of "things", you might say. Wayyyy beyond book burnings but that's still an idea. such as pirating and distributing EVERY piece of literature you have ever written. Authors den, everythign! its already been done extensively with your hateful autobiography, and now we will pirate it all and a certain demented man's family will become involved in the crossfire. the phone calls come for gramma yet, nicky? you did this to yourself nickypoo, and now the Paciones must pay. that's all there is to it.
Philbin knew to flee shocklines as soon as he heard your book was coming out and that the storm was coming. oh, and it aint no F5 either. dagstine turned up evidence at the Rusty Nail, because even he knows he wants no part of your malignant swill. same goes for mr. enck. And your buddies with the original tabloid purposes will be taken care of in due time, but you first. oh, and that other malicious friend of yours with writer's cafe and deviantart? He will REALLY get what's coming to him. but you first nicky. this is a storm you will want to take cover from. were sorta like the CIA, nicky, but call us the HIA. that's how good we are at doing what we do. and we're far from finished yet."
- Told him the "end was near"
- Indicated that their actions would keep him from book signings or getting his books in stores
- Threatened him with physical violence and saying he would get "beat up"
- Again threatened to pirate his books
- Again admitted they had already done that
- Threatened his family. AGAIN
- Asked, thereby admitting to and suggesting he was behind, harrassing calls to his grandmother
- Threatened his family, AGAIN, claiming they "must pay"
- Mentioned Philbin, again, and claimed he was distancing himself from Shocklines because of Nicky
- Mentioned his own name and admitted that he, as Dagstine, had "turned up evidence at the Rusty Nail"

Stop for a second: Dagstine constantly badmouths Rusty Nail. He has threatened numerous times, as he did as ValentineVegan, to bring legal action against her blog. He claims to have driven to her house and stalked her. He claims that he is joining others in suing her. And yet right here, in his own words, he admits to working with her to go against Nicky. When I say working with her I don't mean she actually got together with him, I mean he posted on her site, badmouthing someone else, Nicky, and at that time not only didn't have a problem with her or the blog he joined in himself, making himself just as guilty.

Back to summary

- THREATENED authors who have appeared in Tabloid Purposes
- THREATENED another friend of Nicky's
- THREATENED Nicky, again

"Three words, chump: take it down- you had enough fun, you and Philbin? Well, the laughs are over, end of the day, and here is what i have to say and you WILL obey. (Yeah go fuck yourself and while you're at it go suck the horse off while you're at it.)

take the book down off cafepress - or else we're coming for you. the army of darkness will fall on you and smother you like an eclispse. comprehende? we're laughing now, and you might be gettin a chuckle in yourself, but by the day after tomorrow, a man in morris illionis won't find it so funny.

take it down or everybody you know faces the ultimate consequences.

-the horror conspiracy"
- Threatened him by ordering him to remove what he wrote
- Mentioned Philbin, again, and the threats that follow apply to him as well
- Told him again to remove his work, then THREATENED HIM WITH PHYSICAL VIOLENCE
- Mentioned the city he lived in and suggested more violence towards him

"we've just started collaborating and putting together our 'counter book.' (Yeah there is a counter book planned on that counter book -- I plan to take each of you apart systematically.) only we're using your real name, family and friends, histories there, addresses and all. the public needs to know. no, not fag, bitch, cunt, scalding piss, shitwad, stuff like that. we're coming down on your punk ass with 506 pages -- double yours -- using the name Nicky Pacione and Tabloid Terror. Watch your back, son! because there is nothing you can do to stop the counter title now that you've released this libelous piece of shit.

so do yourself a favor and take that cafepress version down. now!

- the conspirators"
- Threatened him with a counter book to his bio
- Threatened him with libel
- Threatened to use his real name, the real names of his family, his and their addresses
- Threatened to write it using his name

"dear diary:

we cannot let this sick unstable man write that book, so i propose we pool our resources and our money together and write a little book of our own. the book will be fiction, based off non-fiction events, and take place in Morris, IL. the book will be about a man writing a book! yes, the main character is mental and happens to be writing a book and trying to railroad careers, but at the end of our book --- better written, too --- he goes nuts and the fiction becomes a tragedy in the likeness of Shakesspeare. yes, diary, you see in this book, he is the pawn."
-- valentinevegen
Threatens to write a libelous counter book to "An Eye In Shadows" again.

Summary of this really long blog entry:

He tried to play it off as a joke. He tried to pretend he was ValentineVegan to "tap into his mind for answers". So, to tap into someone's mind for answers, he had to anonymously threaten Nickolaus, his family, his friends, his career, his home, his reputation, his associates, repeatedly? In order to tap into his mind he had to threaten him and his loved ones with violence?

He had to make harrassing calls to his grandmother's home?

Does that sound like the actions of a sane man? Does the above appear to be the words of a friend?

How could Nicky forget those emails and what they said? How can he go back to calling him a friend? For that matter how can Mike?
"I came to the conclusion that both sides shared an EQUAL hatred. Equal anger. Equal mistrust. I couldn’t tell the two apart."

No asshole you played both sides and in the process became worse than either side.

And a note to anyone that has or will recieve legal threats from Lawrence: The above shows that he does it all the time, is lying about what he can, is or will do, and only says it as a threat with nothing behind it.


Anonymous said...

He also threatened Cuss on her Xanga. For months, he kept popping up on my old Xanga with new alts like Dime Dropper, Dime Diddy Dime, and so on.

I finally made all but a couple of posts available for reading to only those on my "protected posting" list. Dagstine's behavior crossed the line from persistence to stalking within a matter of weeks. He finally gave up the ghost after several months, when he realized he was no longer able to read my blog, or, more likely, thought I'd stopped posting.

cussedness said...

I thought that the person who was stalking me around the net and making my life so miserable last year was Al_Kilyu. Phrases the Al used were taken almost verbatim from TODP and ended up in the comments from the alt that were posted everywhere I went. If I posted on a messageboard one of the alts appeared, when I posted on Nicky's xanga feed at LJ, the alts appeared. For a period of six months, I went into near hiding.

Thanks, ETT. Now I know it was not Al. It was dagstine. I made some comparisons and other measurements. It was Dagstine all along. The MO fits with the one you have shown us here.

I think Dagstine knew that it would make me think it was Al to use things like that. After all Daggy fed Nicky his own fears. Daggy has researched me enough to know that I have not been connected to TODP for several years now, and yet when he arrived on TODP the first few times, he made it sound like he thought we were connected. He does not do something like that without a reason. He meant to try and get the TODP crowd to go after me and me to go after the TODP crowd.

In part he succeeded. But the victory has not lasted.

ExposeTheTard said...

I had been meaning to point out all of that for some time, and came damn close the other day when I saw this thread over at Shocklines


where he had the audacity to act innocent. Is he Sheepnet? I don't know, but his own actions are the reason no one believes or trusts him anymore and if that bothers him, he has only himself to blame.

The link on RN yesterday is what officially set me over the edge after I read him admitting to being VV again, but this time, he tried to make it sound like it was all part of some project to learn more about his friend Nicky. That's when I lost it completely.

Speaking of that thread on Shocklines, if Matt sees this thread that I made yesterday, and still continues to defend Larry like he did in the above link, he needs to get a room right next to Larry at the local psyche ward.

That reminds me. Rusty? Do you still have your blog entry where you copied Larry's words over at Shocklines when he was threatening Enck and me in the process?

Anonymous said...

Is this the entry you mentioned, ETT? Larry threatens to sic the cops on a whole handful of people.

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