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Friday, August 8, 2008

With Friends Like Him part 2

you dumb muther fucker! you will “ learn a valuable
lesson from all this, punk! a powerful lesson! remember
when i pissed on your tabloid purposes 3? for tabloid 4 i
plan to go all out book burning shitface! i will burn
every single book you ever written you wannabe! show
that shit to the world.”

from An Eye In Shadows By Nickolaus A. Pacione
Nicky's harasser had him so upset that he actually quoted one of his emails in his autobiography "An Eye In Shadows". I would post what Nicky commented after this quote, but somehow it segwayed into a former classmate who drew cocks on his artwork being in the porn industry now.

The point is that Nicky is best buds with the person he now knows was valentinevegen, and forgets that alt had upset him so much he quoted him in his beloved tell all book.

Here is something else interesting: Why is Nicky forgiving of Larry, yet continues to blame him and go after him?

Let's look at more of his cowardice

"The interview's done, jerkoff? This ain't the end, you fuckin closet fag! I will undermine you, low-bread, dagstine and your newest supporter 9eric enck and all of your other authors... your tabloid purpose authors will feel it cuz of u.

Hail Saten "

Notice the last line? That was an attempt to make a rather successful author and for of Nicky's appear to be behind the alt. Look at the blog entry that Nicky posted it in and you can see that Lawrence was successful in making Nicky suspect it was someone else. Oh he made a point again of throwing his own name in there,

Did you forget Nicky, just how mad you were?
Yes I am challenging ValentineVegan or ArchaneArchiver to show his face -- and I am challinging that faggot on Xanga to do the same. I don't take lightly to faceless cowards who go around trying to make threats to sabotage any of my projects. So you want to keep threatening me you FUCK.
From Nick's now private MySpace bulletin:
"Everything in italics is this loser valentinevegan@yahoo.com. So if you end up getting an e-mail from him, tell him to burn in hell and those of you who knew me from way back knew I won't back down when I got pushed. This is push comes to shove because he's trying to get to me via my family. He's already tried to stalk one of my cousins.

I am beyond pissed about that and I will take him to hell once I find out who he is. Maybe some of you who have a detective background can do some detective work on this loser because he was the one who started all the plagiarism rumors this man is connected to http://www.xanga.com/Peter_Barnes and the faceless loser who calls himself Otto Bremman. IF you want to give * a piece of your mind go for it -- the fucker caused me to get a lot of spam at two of my submission addresses. They are a pair of yellow journalistic fucks who teamed up with a local to really try to take me to hell. (those of you who know who Kevin_Defeckt is -- that is the bastard they teamed up with.
From his Vampirefreaks account
They are going around stealing pictures to mislead me -- the bastard goes on as valentinevegan on yahoo.com and had harassed me via XANGA when I was on Xanga, and when I got a story accepted in Darkened Horizons the bastard vowed to ruin my name. He has people convinced that I was writing all those hate mails myself when I was publishing some of his hatemail in my non-fiction book.
See? Myself, Rusty Nail, TODP, and dozens of other people weren't the only ones Lawrence had tried to convince people was behind valentinevegan, he had people believing that you, Nicky, were behind it at one point.

From Nicky's deviantart account where he claimed to keep his signing location secret out of fear
Journal Entry: Tue Oct 2, 2007, 9:29 AM I am keeping the location of this signing out of the post for now because I don't want the crew who are putting it together getting harassed just because I am on the bill. I edited the e-mail that was sent to me and those who want to send this asshole some haite mail -- just look at the email address in the from area.
Nicky at one point had even accepted that he was someone out to fuck with him. Why then did he accept him back into his loving arms?

There's more, but I'll save it for Part 3 coming sooner than you think.


Nickolaus Pacione said...

Then why the hell are you going around trying to alienate long time friends? Were you that pissed off by the videos and stealing every picture -- every old blog like an a loser. Posting the number one number at a time that is Susan Taylor and Dan Fox's MO.

ExposeTheTard said...

I'm not saying I am perfect, or that I never had issues with you.

But I never pretended to be your friend then fucked with you and your family. I've never called your home and I've never threatened your family nor have I threatened you or anyone you know with physical violence.

He didn't just fuck with you. While fucking with you, using ValentineVegan who you used to hate, he mentioned a lot of people's names (like mine) and tried writing like certain people to get you and others to believe VV was someone else. You are a Christian, so you remember that bearing false witness on thy neighbor is a sin.

You are trying to distract everyone from him by mentioning others, which has me suspecting that maybe it was a game the two of you had orchestrated the entire time.

mike Brendan said...

Nick, Dagstine admitted -- on his blog -- that he was VV. He threatened you, your family, any thing and everything. He played you.

Dagstine is keyboard coward and a bully. Nothing more.

Ben McClellan said...

Say Nick, why do you still remain friends with Dagstine after everything he did to you while hiding behind a fake persona?

It doesn't make sense for you to still buddy up to Larry after all of the threats he made to you, your family, and your "career", but then, nothing you do or say really makes sense to begin with. You'd be better off without his "friendship", Nickolaus.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

And you fuckers constantly fuck with my career too, Ben shut the hell up because if anyone who fucked with my progress it was you from the begining. I didn't orchestrate any games, all I want to do is get anthologies sold and try to at least get them carried in bookstores but you assholes go out of your way and promote the stealing of them.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't orchestrate any games, all I want to do is get anthologies sold and try to at least get them carried in bookstores but you assholes go out of your way and promote the stealing of them."

And when one of those "Assholes" turns out to be who you consider a friend, you DEFEND him even though he was one of the biggest assholes at one time who tried (not that it was hard) to make you look like an idiot.

Sorry, Nickypoo, you're absolutely full of shit. IMO you've NO MORE RIGHT to be bitching at people now about what they do to you because hey, if it's ok for ONE person to do it, then it is for others, too.

- Serryah

Anonymous said...

Remember how Nicky said he was waiting to do more videos when Tabloid Purposes 5 came out? Well where are the videos?

Answer: He lied. He was so humiliated by mysexyboyfriend and others taking his videos and adding lulz to them that he won't make anymore.

That is sad. He loves to pretend that none of them bother him but it is so fucking obvious Nicky won't ever sit in front of a camera again because of what they did.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I haven't stopped making videos just won't do them from home. I will make them again but do them more from Chicago and Joliet. You little fucks need to shut the fuck up and let me do my thing in peace.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You threatened my friends bitch.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Do you have any respect for something called Copyrights? Yes or no Cocksucker.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Why the hell did you try to destroy a ten year long friendship? Friends I am still friends with, but someone like you I hate you more because of it. You chased my family around too. Why can't you just leave my extended family alone.

Anonymous said...

"Why the hell did you try to destroy a ten year long friendship? Friends I am still friends with, but someone like you I hate you more because of it. You chased my family around too. Why can't you just leave my extended family alone."

You don't HAVE friends, Nick. You have people who you can use and when you're done, you throw them away. Simple as that.

YOU are the one who chases people, YOU are the one who threatens people and YOU are the one who will someday answer for it all.

Get over yourself, Nick. You are NOT that important a person.

- Serryah

Anonymous said...

He won't do them from home anymore because people there won't turn down their TVs long enough for him to make a video lol.

But yeah he is scared to make anymore. Relax Nickypoo I don't think they can make one funnier than "What What in the Butt" haha

Nicky takes it anally.

Miek Brendan said...

I think I commented once on your blog Nick. Of course you lock that thing down because you can't stand anyone else's opinion or point of view. Hallmarks of a bully -- and a coward.

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