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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Per Request: Nicky On 9/11 or "I am shitting myself emotionally"

Recently Nicky's whereabouts around 9/11 were mentioned, and today an anonymous poster asked to see the chat transcript between Nicky and someone else from then.

A lot of people were upset on 9/11. Millions worried about the victims in New York and Washington D.C. and the safety of those involved.

Holly correctly worried about things like stock trading as a result.
Nicky was just worried about himself in Illinois, and that was about it. Bold will point out the obvious.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Nickolaus says: are you watching the news?
Holly says: yes..I'm in tears
Nickolaus says: I am shaking like a leaf
Nickolaus says: I am worried if something like this would happen in chicago next month during JournalCon
Holly says: all the airports are stopped..they're gonna start shooting planes down in the next hour if they're there..all major cities are toasted..this is so going to be world war 3
Nickolaus says: that is what I am scared about because no war had been fought on American soil in 60 years -- this would end up being an air war
Nickolaus says: Illinois would be attacked next because that is the Navy hub
Holly says: if they could do this..stock trading..is gone
Holly says: for now
Holly says: thats why they attacked the world trade center
Holly says: to cripple our market
Nickolaus says: I am scared about this too
Holly says: 'm scared to death.
Nickolaus says: then the Pentagon

Holly says: because it's our military center
Nickolaus says: Illinois is next because that is our Navy center
Nickolaus says: Great Lakes Naval Training station
Nickolaus says: all along Lake Michagan shores is what I am scared about
Nickolaus says: I am not too far from Midway airport
Nickolaus says: and this is what scares me -- my cousin lives two blocks from there
Holly says: if they hit the great lakes ..
Nickolaus says: we're fucked
Holly says: that would be bad..there are two necular power plants along there
Holly says: that means entire west coast
Nickolaus says: I live near one of them
Holly says: *east
Nickolaus says: actually the Midwest
Nickolaus says: the northern midwest
Nickolaus says: Chicago is the military training hub then they would nail Alaska -- because that is the Air Force training hub
Nickolaus says: Illinois and Maryland would be nailed
Nickolaus says: Maryland because that is the officer school
Holly says: The end of the world as we know it..
Holly says: wasn't that a prediction for tis year
Nickolaus says: Armeggedon
Nickolaus says: the US Armeggendon
Holly says:its not just us. We will retaliate with the help of our allies
Nickolaus says: true
Nickolaus says: true
Holly says: God i'm reading the news. They hijacked planes?
Holly says: so the people on the planes, plus all of the buildings?
Nickolaus says: I know -- if anytime if you want to believe in God it would be now
Holly says: Oh god.
Holly says: wow..they hit the supreme court building..trying to fuck up all of DC
Nickolaus says: Annapolis
Nickolaus says: level Delta
Nickolaus says: Shit I know all about level Delta -- they taught me that in boot camp
Holly says: what's level delta?
Nickolaus says: Highest military emergency
Nickolaus says: it is when the military are the target
Holly says: ya know I'm shaking. I'm numb.
Holly says: If I wasn't stronger I'd be screaming and jumping out the nearest window.
Holly says: Oh god I wonder how kristen is. She works and lives in DC.
Nickolaus says: Shit
Nickolaus says: Kristen?
Nickolaus says: OMG -- I know a friend in Maryland
Holly says: a friend of my boyfriends
Nickolaus says: shit
Nickolaus says: better email her
Nickolaus says: now I am scared
Nickolaus says: shit
Nickolaus says: they are borrowing from the Japanese
Nickolaus says: it is overseas terrisium
Holly says: a plane just crashed here and a plane was hijacked
Nickolaus says: Middle East
Holly says: pittsburgh just closed down.
Holly says: this is way to close to home
Nickolaus says: no shit
Holly says: I live 15 mins from pitt
Nickolaus says: Time to bomb Saddam
Nickolaus says: he is getting a nuke right on his ass
Nickolaus says: Tie Saddam and Beladden together then place their nuts on a nuke and blow their asses up
Nickolaus says: assassinate Beladden
Holly says: did they think they were going to get away with this?
Nickolaus says: I'd kill the mother fucker myself
Nickolaus says:if I was to be a serial killer -- I would hunt down his fucking group and kill them one by one
Holly says: ditto
Holly says: Pittsburgh is flipping out. They closed the air port
Holly says: the plane that went down this is what an eye witness said "we saw a plane going ove rhead..and then it started to wobble..than straigtned..then sudden it banked..harsh..and went nose first into the ground"
Nickolaus says: I could see that in my mind
Holly says: it's too close to pittsburgh..and it's a 767 ..same plane that crashed into the trade center.
Holly says: what do you think?
Nickolaus says: very fucking close
Holly says: speculation is it was hijacked or some such and the pilot crashed it. I can believe that.
Nickolaus says: bastards
Holly says: and another one from pittsburgh is circling dullas base
Nickolaus says: shit
Holly says: yeah. they got pittsburgh or tried too. : haking::
Holly says: I used to work in the building that would be targeted
Nickolaus says: oh my god
Holly says: and the buildings here are -close- if they had hit usex..pittsburgh would be done..
Holly says: there would be no more pittsburgh
Nickolaus says: Armegeddon
Holly says: there are litterally roads of buildings touching
Holly says: this..disturbs me that they used -us- to crash into our buildings.
Holly says: they hijacked -our- planes to kill our people
Nickolaus says: that's it -- benladden is going to die
Holly says: 4 planes have been hijacked.
Nickolaus says: actually seven were
Holly says: not including the ones from pittsburgh
Holly says: seven?!
Nickolaus says: yes
Nickolaus says: from Los Angles
Holly says: and dalls. shit i forgot
Holly says: Did..our news guy just say "KGB" complex in pittsburgh ::Blink.::
Nickolaus says: shit
Holly says: god twintowers. ::Reeling::
Nickolaus says: that is it I am not going to be sleeping for weeks
Holly says: wow I didn't know a fire was lit outside the whitehouse
Nickolaus says: shit
Nickolaus says: I am shitting myself emotionally


Julia said...

I'm sure there is fine Naval training at the Great Lakes NTI, but it's not the "hub" of the US Navy's training by a long shot.

And Illinois is hardly the hub of the US Army's training either.

I'm surprised he didn't claim that Illinois was the center of the Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and the Texas Rangers as well!

It's good to see that Nicky's FAIL doesn't desert him in times of crisis. He fails just as hard during a national emergency as he does on an ordinary day.

Anonymous said...

Hey, your anonymous requester here - just popping up to say thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he made the link to Saddam before Bush did!

Anonymous said...

Actually Julia, Naval Station Great Lakes is the only basic training facility for the Navy!

Honestly, it's still not a "hub" though, and nicky is insane to think it would be a high priority target

Anonymous said...

I think his use of the Saddamn link and Beladden (I assume bin Laden) was the only hilarious part of the whole thing. The rest is just Nicky pretending to be Chicken Little going on about how the sky is falling.

Yes, Illinois is the only place anyone should worry about. *rolls her eyes*

I wonder if Nick realizes that not only American's were killed on that day, but people from other nations as well? Then again, he probably wouldn't care because just like Illinois first for him, it's America first too I think.

- Serryah

Julia said...

Thanks, anonymous! If Nicky had said "Navy's only basic training facility" or "an important Navy facility" that might have made sense. Calling it "the Navy hub" seems like hyperbole on his part, yes?

Still, I did not know that all of the Naval basic training had been consolidated at the Great Lakes NTI. Thanks for teaching me something new!

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