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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mind Blown or Legal Question

I am not sure if anyone caught the comments section of my last post this morning, but somebody under the id of "anonymous" dropped a bomb of information. Two pieces of info regarding Nicky actually, if in fact it is regarding Nicky.

One of the pieces, if true, will change the game so to speak and forever change how we refer to him, and the other will expose a disturbing trend. I admit to knowing something about the latter but forgetting completly about it until anonymous reminded me and shed more light on the matter.

Why did I delete the comment and make this entry? I was going to ask the legality of posting public legal documentation on this site or any other, and as I am typing this I answered my own question and realized that it is already on the web, posted by the court system itself, so the answer to my own question is "Yes, it would be legal to post and link to this information".

So later today I will post the information as it appears in the court system which appears on the web, and give people the necessary words needed to further research this. If anyone saw anonymous' post and is already researching it then be my guest. I am not in a race to post this before anyone else and it wouldn't bother me one bit if you beat me to the punch today.

And if the anonymous who left it wants to email me with either additional information or how they would like to be credited for finding this my email address is at the bottom of this webpage.


JupiterPluvius said...

Ooh! Ooh! It's like Pacione Day came early this year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, sir, may I have some more?

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