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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nicky During September 11th Part 4

Technically this was written on September 11, 2001 the same day as the chat log.

Please note when the attacks actually happened, and that Nicky was about to go to bed then.
And no, he wasn't working a swing shift. Wasn't working at all actually.

September 21, 2001 10:18AM

I have been listening to the news while posting this and over heard the World Trade Center being attacked by an aircraft -- the nightmare of this happening is something I could not even begin to imagine happening. The closest thing of something being pure fucking evil is this. I cannot even begin to think of what the fuck is going on. I was about to go to bed while hearing about this on the news and thinking holy fuck -- the building closed in on itself. Even the Sears Tower in Chicago is closed and evaculated. I am even scared by this because this could happen from O'Hare Airport at anytime even the plane I was on going to Toronto could of been subject for this shit. All I could say which is coming from this is World War III; this is the darkest fear of anyone near a major airport. I want to hear from readers who are near any major airport -- from the Northeast to the Midwest. What are the chances of another war being fought on American soil. This is most chilling thing that is to happen in the 21 Century. Not since the bombing in 1995 in Oaklohoma City has something this frightening happend -- not just one fucking aircraft there was two of them. I am shaking like a leaf right now and thinking of my friends who live in New York.
Oh why not let's look at him still scared over two weeks later.
Note: I am removing the links to the first two people he mentions in this next post mainly because the girl he was refering to as his girlfriend, wasn't. She didn't know that is what he thought they were. Who would especially when they never met face to face? If you look back about a year on this blog you'll see him trying to arrange that and how he dealt with getting a woman to Illinois without having a driver's license, a vehicle, or room for her to stay hence his concern about getting a motel for the time he wanted her down here.

He sent her money then demanded it back when he found out she was not only not interested in him, but not interested in men period. Again look through the old posts you'll see the whole thing. One other note: Nicky discussing a camp site was him planning to visit JournalCon. When he would go to conventions he would either try to sleep in the lobby or outside in a park near the motel. Yes those were his accomidations of choice.

Saturday, September 29, 2001

I was reading DreamDisturber and my girlfriend's livejournals so I decided to link up an entry that I had written in another journal I have been keeping for the past year or so coming November. This is another that I had written of a nightmare I had the other night; so I figured that I would post it up there because it is one of my longer entries -- I would do that now from my xanga blog as well since I got this writing program. Though I am going to be posting a longer version of this entry on my deadjournal since I had not posted there in a long time; as of lately I have been sleeping weird hours sometimes waking up too fucking early and other days I would not even sleep at all. This is not good especially since I got that platelet appointment in less than two weeks; still trying to get ahold of the owner of the campground in Tinley Park so I could get a camp site for more than two weeks since it is $10 a night there, but I might get a hold of Bug since she said I could stay with her while I am there -- I might still do that but make sleeping arrangements with one of my relatives in Cary, Illinois, since she suggested I should see a doctor in alternative therapy. I thought of this sometimes too since I had relapsed in my therapy after the 11th of September. There are days I would be able to sleep and days where I need to drug myself so I could fall asleep. Since the lady cannot get up to Chicago next month -- I thought I would go with my original plan inviting her to come up in December. This is one my relatives thought of when she had decided to cut off communication with her family. I am nervous about going into Chicago on October 10th because I am still thinking about something that might happen in Chicago similar to what did in New York -- the frightening picture of Chicago without its two major buildings in the skyline; scares the fuck out of me. I had written three entries about that -- and some of them come from my perspective in view of someone who was in basic training for the Navy, knowing that some of my company mates are on ships waiting to be deployed. Though I was looking back at the discussion between two in my journal about a map that was sent to me via email. Namely the entry that I posted on September 15; and it is coming to me that I had my d-land journal almost a year. There are as many postings on there as I have short stories now; then I was watching something on WTTW early this morning about Evolution taught in schools -- this is going to be a contraversal thing if one lives in the Bible Belt. It was hard enough for me as a horror writer living near Wheaton College -- though I had met a few people there who respected the kind of honesty I have but there are others who would protest the very ideas that I would stand for and try to turn me conservative; I am a bit of a liberal and being a writer -- liberal is something that tends to get under the skin of students who go to a bible college.

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Nicky was in the navy for about as long as he was in college, wasn't he? He sure loves to bang on about things that barely even happened.

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