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Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Low Even For Him, If That Is Even Possible

The following was written by me last night right before I fell asleep in my chair! I was capturing something said over at Shocklines knowing it would dissapear soon. Well as of this morning it did, and THANK GOD blogspot automatically saves what you are working on every so often because it is still here.

The following post takes place between 2:00am and 3:00 am
Lawrence Dagstine wrote:

"Aren't you the confused kid who wrote the suicide note on Deviant Art?"
I am posting this here to preseve that one disgusting sentence so that when, not if, that thread is deleted people can still see it. People who either haven't read the dozens of disgusting example I've posted here in the past month, or Rusty Nail, or anyone else's blog or message board pointing out the vile things this person says.

I'm also omitting the paragraph he quoted as well as the name of the person he said that to so that again, when that thread is deleted, he won't have the joy of seeing is tasteless joke repeated.

I'm not going to point out what is wrong with that because some things are self explanatory. I'm just leaving it here for all to see and for anyone to comment on if they wish.


Anonymous said...

From Dagstine flows no pity


But yet we were supposed to pity him when he claimed he had incurable cancer and would never been heard from again. 3 months before he returned to spew more hate.

Mike Brendan said...

He is quite the shitbag, no? His cowardice knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

He says weird shit like that whenever he's trying to dodge a question or obscure an issue. Unfortunately, it's a pretty effective way to derail the conversation.

"Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

cussedness said...

Dagstine has a long history of using abusive non sequiturs to humiliate people and derail legitimate discussion. The main reason appears to be that Dagstine has not the slightest idea of how to debate an issue. So he covers up his ignorance with such things.

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