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Friday, February 15, 2008

75% guinea (More Brain Damage)

75% guinea? I and select others knew he wasn't the full-blooded Italian he claims to be, but 75%? Not even that.

Saturday, May 12, 2001

She is still bitching about the fact that I am still around, all she is doing is given me more fuel to play with her some more. I guess someone is poking her in the eye with a sharp pointy stick verbally and she cannot take it. It must be the brain damage. Seriously it is brain damage -- too much hairspray and other inhalents in her system. I guess that she had to shit herself again. Truely that is the only problem I have with livejournal -- all the people bitching about being offesive. I am writing here because I know she cannot backlash because livejournal is her turf and xanga is my word -- my rules when it comes to posting. I guess I am taking a few cues from Trench here when I am saying this, because of the hater he had on his page "the Hilter incident" yeah -- that was one I had a little fun with too because the bastard continued signing the guestbook on the gospels page. I saw the bitch's little picture and her nerdy boyfriend -- he could do better than her, he is better off finding a woman in Iowa; fuck he can have my former fiancee for that matter. They're both white trash (trailer snobs). I posted remark in one one of the comment areas asking them what is their defintion of gothic -- I am guessing their idea of gothic is that SNL spoof where they are at a party singing the theme from Titanic (they must be sheep -- bbbahhhhaah, because she assumes that every goth has to dress a certain way. Hell no -- my friend Ally Horton said this best, it is the attitude.) She doesn't know this but by now when I am doing something like this -- everyone is entitled to my opinion. Is she that much of a fucking crack whore barbie to see that she is nothing but silicon and air, with dyed black hair. They ask that with me as well if it is dyed -- I don't dye it, 75% guinea, and this posting is not my temper flaring but my way of having some fun at her expense. ::moons them:: As fucking aways -- they don't like it, they can eat the unpopped popcorn out of my shit. Now sit back and enjoy the show while I stay in your house and steal all the food out the refridgerator. It is safe to stay that looking at AngelicDestiny's weblog that she is a dumb little bitch who cannot think of any better insults than retardo (stupid one exists.)

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