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Monday, February 18, 2008

Nicky and Livejournal part 3: Nicky's Sack Still Needs Attention or "xanga vs. livejournal, Round 2"

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Another reason why livejournal can lick my sack -- some of the paid members had made it their mission to make me denounce my writings. This fucker that is trying called himself cuddles. (what kind of name is that?) Each time that they try to make a victim out me on livejournal, I make fun of them on xanga. (xanga vs. livejournal, Round 2.) Look at the little fuck in the picture -- they say I am not a writer, yeah right. Livejournal cheapens their talent as a writer, and they are too dumb to realize it -- but don't get me wrong though, there are some talented writers on here and I met a few of them already. Their talent shows up in other weblogs. They're below me, and they can flame me all they want but I am just laughing at them. If Tom Green can fuck dead animals and rub his ass on things -- "my ass is on your lips, my ass is on your lips -- maybe if you're lucky that you can give it a big kiss." I flame livejournal idiots on xanga and Hilderbee and Cudles are in the idiot box right now. They cannot take the heat so they call the livejournal police on my ass, Brad, you can lick my sack because I am going to some fun with you on here at your expense -- bunch of a dead moose humpers, or dare I say it; one of the three taboo words and the one that I use is almost illegal to use in San Fransisco unless it is used in endearment (but it is used in Chicago and Detroit so loosely it is funnier than hell -- they call me a homophobic -- openly homophobic, ahh they must be heterphobic. I have no problems with them but as long as they don't make a pass at me because I find it sick when another man elopes with another man. Eminem if you are -- this is where we have many things in common. You know that you are not a woman hater, your an artist and expressing yourself with contraversal subject matter shows that you're making people think.)

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