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Monday, February 18, 2008

Nicky and Livejournal part 1

Friday, May 11, 2001

This one is on the lines of The Gospel Of The Trenchcoat, as he would say it best -- everyone is entitled to my opinion and this is where I am going to say it. I am better known as GothicPreacher, here but this one is where I am using this more as a day to day and a weekly newsletter for all my related sites.
This is first addressing the few who supported Writings From The Grave, and this is more as an anniversery for that site and I am going to be still going to run it as long as I can, and there are a few who tried to make me take it down. I am not going to do that so if you think that -- I can tell you where the motherfuckers and trailor snobs can stick it because I got your free speech right here. First off I am not going to support those bastards who badmouth Writings From The Grave because I had put years of work in there.
I would like to thank the ones who told me that I should not let them get to me. And for AngelicDestiny, I have something made with you in mind so if you may want to see that, follow this link. I am not going to use my livejournal to flame you and your little girlie girl co-horts so If you want to know that your are getting ripped on -- take your trailor snooty ass over to this link if you have complaints about my site. So you realize everyone is entitled to my opinion. If you want to rip on me here, this is my back lash because I am solely the owner of this content. Now for the updates -- I have been doing some writing on the diaryland weblog which is used as a dream and travel log.
The livejournal one would still be there but more of my postings are going to be here because why -- livejournal just sucks if one is a full blown webmaster. Now the owners of livejournal are free gain here. I am an equal oppurtunity insulter. First off Livejournal is good for research notes but not much else -- now for all of you who have websites outside of livejournal, give me a holla if you agree that none of them from livejournal come to your sites. Now for those who have actual websites -- keep them going and don't let anyone fuck with you. Those of you it works for what you are doing but for the mf'rs who believe that livejournal (their livejournal is a website -- keep fucking dreaming.) For those who use a full domain and use their livejournal for the domain -- that is sad.

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