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Thursday, February 7, 2008

"what homosexuality does -- it ruins families"

Saturday, June 16, 2001

I had been getting a shitload of hate mail from writing the new story, and so far I am having to laugh about it because the person who is getting really into an uproar about it is this butch lesbian. All because I am being true to myself to this one. It is calling me a confederate redneck which is something that I am not. I am laughing though because those are the ones that are just as bad as the flamboyant male counterparts. To be a contraversial writer, be true to what one does -- that is something that I have been doing since 1991, but more so in the recent years. And for those who think I am pushing the envelope -- I am not even trying to push the envelope, and to write something contraversial without even trying to be contraversial I would have say that is something I am laughing my ass off at. The one who is trying to get me to change my mind about homosexuals is one who goes by the name of nickyboi, goddamn, what does it have against heterosexuals -- I mean, all I am doing is expressing myself and with a lot of conviction. This is my integrity writing and this is what I am staying true to. I have a younger * and scared that * would think it is okay to be a lesbian because the gay community is going to the elementary schools. I used to say it was not okay for not to have prayer in schools -- as much as I disagree with that, I think there are some times that would be allowed. I had lived in a bible belt for most of my life and to see what homosexuality does -- it ruins families. I see this with my cousin and her father, my uncle who had been divorced since 1998 -- it damaged me too because I was close to the aunt too, and knew nothing about her becoming homosexual. My parents kept that from me because they knew how I felt about homosexuality. This is why I am one who says don't wave that rainbow flag in front of my face if one doesn't want to hear the homophobic jokes -- I am not violent about it though, just very opinionated. I saw two men holding hands down the street, bit my lower lip because I knew I wanted to say something rude but I didn't.
Posted 6/16/2001 7:25 PM

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cussedness said...

Nicky had an aunt who divorced his uncle to go live with her lesbian lover. His mother told me on the phone that it tore Nicky up at the time. He was, apparently, fond of his aunt.

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