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Thursday, February 28, 2008

This Is A Test

This is a test of the Emergency The Tard System.

Nicky's beloved Talbot.

Nicky with Fushia. Poor Fushia.

I am just a writer from the Chicago area who transplanted to Mason City, Iowa, lived there for a year and a half. I have a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder with times where I would be sick in bed for long periods of time. I do a lot of photography and some of it would appear on this page. I lived in Illinois most of my life and was in the Military but the dreams of that were short lived because I was dianosed with Attention Defficit and Hyperactivity Disorder while I was there so I was discharged because of this.
I took up writing after reading one of my short stories to a friend of mine from high school, she said I should be a writer though at the time I was starting up with my writing; I was going to an Assemblies of God church. Their discovery that I was a writer was one that scared them more in the sense that I wanted to write gothic horror and this is what I do. Some of my stories appear on various websites including Lilith's Lair and Free The Writer.
I started writing so I could eventually find my biological father as would my son who I had no choice but adopt out because of my health reasons. I don't like to talk about that ugly chapter because this is where my life came crashing down and at a crossroads because of the woman I was then dating tried to end my dream of becoming a writer. Doing what I am doing now is more of a testament that I am going to be writing and typing for a long to come yet. I was born on August 3rd, 1976, and do have some college education but I did not graduate yet from college. I had to drop out in 1997 because I had health problems -- namely bronchitis.

The results and very reason for this test will be revealed shortly.


Ben said...

I guess having to drop out of school due to bronchitis sounds a little better than the truth, which is that Nicky flunked out in just one semester because he wasn't intelligent enough to handle things in college.

cussedness said...

I wonder if he even tried to make use of the disabled student services. They provide notetakers, special settings for taking tests, and tutors.

Even though I was disabled myself, I always contributed my time to them as a notetaker and a reader for the blind. I was very popular as a notetaker because I always typed the notes up and gave the student a print out that was easier to work with than a hand written copy.

If Nicky had really wanted to apply himself, the center (every college has one as they are federally funded) could have made the difference for him.

Alice said...

Those sound like terrific services, but using them would have taken away from his victim status. Where would Nicky be without someone or something to blame for his problems?

cussedness said...

Those services are a great benefit to the students.

Having seen how hard other disabled students tried to succeed and how much effort they put into it; I lose all patience with Nicky and his victimhood.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Must you steal everything of mine? You have no right to use those pictures and I will sue you for them. Remove the watermarks and give them back to me, as I have the right to act under the court of law and the rightful holder of the copyrights.

Anonymous said...

Those legal threats of yours really worked last time didn't they?


cussedness said...

Got a hair up your arse, Nicky? Try using more vasciline next time

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You have no right to use those pictures or my content.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how he completely missed the entry before this one that *really* exposes him.

Anonymous said...

That's because he's more worried about his crappy pics and stories than the girl he knocked up or the son he lost -- or for that matter any other human being.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You fucker have no life and no ambition either. What is your biggest ambition in your life, ruin an author who is disabled. And FUCK GAY RIGHTS; think that could be the reason none of you want to see me suceed either because I am the worst nightmare to that.

Anonymous said...

Nick are you suggesting you would commit violence against a gay person?

Mike Brendan said...

You're a nightmare to the English language, Nicky-boy. And for the record, the only one ruining you is... well... you.

Anonymous said...


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