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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

'support Christian Horror."

name: Nickolaus
average rating: 1.00

...BURN ALL HER BOOKS and support the small press, support Christian Horror.

Support Christian books he says. This from the boy who used to have the usernames stillbornchrist, urbanizedsin, GodAm, and gothicpreacher. This from the boy that wrote the poem Raped By Grace.


Another example of Nicky's "faith":

from an absentee God we continue to seek
where He looks down and laughs
observing like he doesn't care,
into the gathering of the lie of our years,,
the lie that becomes what we live,
from the life we can no longer give,
beneath the salvation of empty skies,
dwelling among the place of God,
fallen before the lies of the truth,
damned by all time of my shadow of youth,


cussedness said...

his poetry is just his prose punctuated differently

Coach Culbertson said...

I am not interested in hearing from your audience. I am not interested in hearing from you. I am not interested in this discussion. Please remove the link. For those of you who are reading, do not email me. Do not write me open letters on your blog. Do not include me in your posts.

I don't know where you received your information. I call your integrity into question for asking your audience to waste my time by spamming me as they have with nonsense on a mythological issue that has no basis in reality and none of their damn business to begin with.

Normally, I am a nice guy. I follow a simple formula: love mercy, do justly, and walk humbly with my God. I believe in overcoming evil with good, and treating every human being with respect and dignity, as everyone is written in the very image of God, no matter how messed up they might be. And that would include you, despite the amount of hatred and provocation you have published here under the guise of concern and "warning."

But you are encouraging your audience to waste my time and bandwidth with an attempt to spread your obsessive hatred, and annoying me in the process. Stop it. We all reap what we sow, and you are not sowing good things with this blog.

What would happen if you would take the time you're wasting here and actually used it to do something good? Go volunteer at a pet shelter ,tutor some underprivileged students, go stop global warming-- just go do something real and worthwhile with your time instead of whatever the hell this is.

Your slightly annoyed neighborhood editor,
Coach Culbertson
Editor-In-Chief | Coach's Midnight Diner

Rusty said...

Ah, he left you a love letter, too, I see. You'd think someone pissed in his cornflakes.

I certainly didn't send him any email, but I'm rather inclined to change my opinion of the man at this point. He doesn't seem to realize he's a side show, not the main event.

ExposeTheTard said...

I agree 100%. With Rusty I mean, not with Coach.

"reap what we sow" indeed. Good luck with that. And him.

cussedness said...

I see my open letter to the coach got a mention.

How fascinating.

Well, Coach, if that's how you want to play the game. Let me introduce you to how I play it.

I am a curmudgeon and I have now decided that you are a piece of shit

Rusty said...

You know, if he didn't want people visiting him from our blogs, he should stop including his URL in every comment he leaves on our blogs.

cussedness said...

I find it interesting how he assumes that we have no lives. He should have looked at my website.

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