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Friday, February 22, 2008

"I speak as an author who got the seal of approval from April Derleth."

Poor woman. She just wants to be left alone.

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Nickolaus Pacione
ch 2, abuseH.P. Lovecraft would be proud of you with this story, I speak as an author who got the seal of approval from April Derleth. I will be definately getting a hold of you via email because you got Lovecraft's influence down to form. One thing about Lovecraft's fiction there is never fanfiction for it because he encourages other writers to pen off the Cthulhu Mythos. H.P. Lovecraft is the reason I am writing original horror to begin with -- his Mythos was the stepping stone to pull it off. I am surprised you are not a Mythos writer because you could pull it off.

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I actually sent an e-mail to April Derleth with a link to this anthology and I plan to pick up another copy for April when I get some more cash. The project is one of those that is the most ambitious that I've seen to date and some of them can give authors like Mike Philbin, Carlton Merrick 3 and even myself a run for their money.

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Nickolaus A. Pacione

Nov 25 2007 6:11 AM

Did you guys try to get your CD in the hands of Stephen King?

I had to ask being that you're in Maine and that's the horror mecca. I know I am going to get a lot of hell for this one but I knew I had to ask.

Heck I am always giving some of my stuff to April Derleth on a regular basis.

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If it wasn't for August Derleth, and I have been talking with April now for a good part of two years -- we may not of known who H.P. Lovecraft was. This is coming from someone who April compared to both her father and H.P. Lovecraft as the hybrid of the two. Derleth added something to the Mythos but it wasn't the same as what Lovecraft did, Derleth has some good entries in the horror genre and I was lucky enough to find one of them. People don't give Derleth enough credit, but I will say he deserves as much credit as H.P. Lovecraft. And this is coming from soneone who is now swapping authors with April Derleth.

Derleth did add something that will be later known as also Stephen King's trademark too, that being the sense of good and evil. But Lovecraft had that "fuck you" vibe going back then. There are authors who have the ability to combine both Lovecraft's you're fucked aspect with Derleth's awareness of Good and Evil. I think you can blame that aspect on the fact Derleth is a Catholic. But I think Lovecraft and Derleth go hand in hand because you can't talk about Lovecraft without mentioning Derleth or vice versa.

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This thing has some big guns in there. Andrew T. Fife is a veteran when it comes to the literary arena and his story in here is one that got Terry howling with morbid laughter. This thing is delightfully viseral and thematic in parts. This book I managed to get in the hands of April Derleth after she commended me about becoming published in this exciting anthology.

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Reviewed by Nickolaus Pacione 3/2/2005
This is a tight tribute to HPL. You should make this story a bit longer, you got the delivery -- take the ball and run with it. Speaking as an author of the Mythos, you defiantely know what you are doing with this. When you make this one longer you should send it to April Derleth.

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This is a gothic masterpiece, and if you want some classy written horror you will enjoy this novel. Some of my latter stuff as a writer is actually influenced by her and I am proud to say I had the chance to edit a book with her. The only thing I wish this book was able to do was steal a Stoker for best new novel. I am trying to get my hands on another copy for Michelle Russo and for April Derleth because I gave April a copy of Quakes and Storms.

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