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Monday, February 18, 2008

"Guttermouth's Words"

Anyone that knew Nicky years ago remembers when he got an email service called "bloodmoon". It was a nightmare because he ran it like he runs the pissant shit he runs nowadays and like the goth page over at livejournal, he thought of himself as a god and pushed his crap and personal life onto those who signed up. He even called it the "dog pound".

Saturday, May 12, 2001

I would like to welcome Duchess Webb to xanga now and so far she is fallen in love with the place. For some of you on xanga not familar with her livejournal, take a look at that one first because that would be somewhat of she has in mind for her xanga place. I am making the annoucement since she is a part of one my mailing lists.
What I am doing here with this weblog would be something like what I have with livejournal, but this one is more like a collumn for me where I post my commentary. Sort of like what I did when I was in college because I had a little newsletter called "Guttermouth's Words" a little joke my cousin started up about some of my writings; because of the vulgarity slewn jokes weaved into some of my work. But now this is my opinion on something that I had seen on the news, about hotels having hidden cameras in the room.
The idea in way scares the shit out of me but I can see where they could use the cameras because of a lot of prositutes turning tricks and drug dealers doing business in hotels. To bring the thoughts to mind would be that I had two new members with bloodmoon. I am just going through and checking for people joining for the first time, I thought I would take the time to say welcome to bloodmoon at this time too; but to go back on the issues of the video cameras in the hotel rooms -- it is chilling because they know that Big Brother is watching them.
Now I am doing the bloodmoon check which I do every end of the month, it is almost impossible to keep in touch with everyone on bloodmoon as much as I want to. It is going to be hard to do with some of them and happy mother's day to the members with children.

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