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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Humanitarian Aide to a Goth Journalist, Jutice Illinois Woman needs coats.....

With the scare of Nicky's demise being over, and my own pride healing, and giving that in the past two weeks he has wished AIDs and death on his enemies even with his Neutral Red show coming up, I thought it was time to get back to the grind.

Humanitarian Aide to a Goth Journalist, Jutice Illinois Woman needs coats.....
Nov 29 2005, 11:59 AM
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blankets, and a mummy type sleeping bag -- she's 5'1 one and her email address is eveningfalls1334@yahoo.com. Her name is Michelle Russo, perhaps some of you heard of her because she hosted Gothicfest 2005 and wrote for Outburn and New Grave Magazine, well recently she appeared on the cover of my magazine -- The Ethereal Gazette. So with that being said I am doing this rally call to help her out the best of your ability in what ever you can donate for her (money, blankets, sleeping bags, jackets, and books.

She's a huge fan of Stephen King, and trying to get her hooked up with books from authors who appeared on my anthologies or magazine.) I am helping her out because I know what it was like to almost lose everything, and she lost a lot of her - I will let her fill you in AIM: fallineve1334 is her screen name. Some of you might know her from LiveJournal or myspace, maybe even Undead Fantasy. If you clothing because of water damage. The apartment she has now is a bare minimum so every bit helps. She needs a queen size blanket for both her bedroom and her living room. She lives in Justice, Illinois. If you want more information that thatwant to donate money to her -- she does have paypal set up, so go ahead and send that her way.

Update: She's got a coat, but she could always use a back up. Still trying to track down the mummy style sleeping bag for her; anything to help her keep comformtable at night in her apartment. I got a few friends hooking her up with a few comforters. So anything you can send to her let me know or email her, and she's also set up to take donations via paypal too.

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