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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I have been abusing the keyboard since 1991"

More innocents mentioned, more vulgar behavior, so more posts.

Let's go back to 2002 and hopefully I can manage to post all of these in chronological order. Let's go back to before he ran the goth community over at livejournal, where he was badmouthing them on xanga expecting a fallout for his stance against homosexuality.

Here he goes from going off on livejournal and it's goth community to complaining that he could have gotten a disability discount on the train and didn't. As you will see in future entries of this series, he goes back and forth between complaining about livejournal, his health, then telling the world that wherever he goes he sleeps outside. At some point he seems to realize that maybe him sleeping outside in the elements may have adverse effects on his health, but that logic quickly goes away.
Monday, September 2nd, 2002
their messiah pissed because I wonder what they can fucking do to me -- have me censored out. All it is going to do is give me more fuel to throw back in their faces -- saying Heterophobia is what sucks. This world is perverse on how a family is -- literary. Where I get scorned because I still believe in biological male and the biological female in marriage -- I am a traditionialist there but on the views of the written word I am one who will back the first amendment. Where they would say that a male who is a heterosexual does not deserve to have their say, as I am straight, and they say that we should be silent -- it is almost like the as the saying goes, children are should be seen and not heard. Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. not sure yet because of some expenses that I have to cover -- old medical bills and financial obligations from when I lived in Iowa. I stayed home most of August and when it gets colder out is when I want to go out more -- planning to go to either West Virginia or out to Wyoming for a few days, since I am getting a 15% disability discount -- found that out when I was calling Amtrak. I am kicking myself about that because I might of gotten my sleeper ticket a little cheaper to New Orleans. I scored a sleeper for that trip because I needed a bed to sleep off a cold that I was coming down with from the change of climates March 26th, it was still bone freezing out there and without a coat one would come down with a flu bug or something of that sort. fleece one which were for one of those cocoon
Here he goes into his health or lack thereof. Remember as you are reading this how he makes fun of people with serious or terminal illness, and how much he complains when he doesn't feel well. This also gives you an idea of his obsession with having people, strangers or family, photograph him when he is sleeping.

6:17 am
Groggy as hell and trying to break in the shrink couch that was given to me by one of my cousins -- interesting little thing I migth add. It is black as night but a little water damage from being in the storage facility for nearly 6 months. This is the month I am hopefully planning to go out but
I always make sure I have some chemicals with me when I go though -- namely my meds and some OTC sleeping pills so I can sleep on the train. I actually went into something that was close to a diabetic shock because I could not find my meds when I was getting ready to leave the train to meet Michelle Tynes (the woman I was going to GothCon with -- told her that I had a scare on the train because I thought I lost my meds) since it was running a little late in Mississippi; hit some bad track along the way. I basically packed two sleeping bags -- a thin liner type and a type sleeping bags (I knew how the blankets were on the train from the last time I was on a sleeper -- best advice, pack your own bedding when metropolitian lounge -- the picture with the peice, Among Shadows was the result of leaving my camera on taking a train and get a sleeper on the long trips. The reason is that your meals are taken care of. The sleeping pills were for when I was on the train and for when I was sleeping in the the Attendants desk, where I was curled up in the shroud and trying to hide my face from the light.)

Though it was less than a week that I was on the rails and in New Orleans -- it gave me some material to write about the moment I got into Union Station, then basically I was dead tired when I got home -- crawled under the shrouds and slept. I haven't really took a big outing like that since that day but I did have a lot of fun in that weekend -- a few scares in there too when Michelle's car was broken until (a smash and swipe.) The panhandlers down there will not leave one alone especially since if one is from the North -- as I was, they call all Northerners Yankees but the more accurate term would be Midwesterner. There were a lot from the Midwest down there -- a few from Chicago -- few from Milwaulkee -- actually got to meet the crew behind The Milwaulkee Gothic Council. There is a photo on my site which is of both me and the webmaster of the website--that was the one I looked like I rolled out of bed that day because I was sick in bed for a few hours with back pain -- back pain like I would not believe.
Not being able to sleep or not even trying, he gets back online and decides to play the "poor hetro male" angle while once again basing livejournal, specifically it's goth community.

7:08 am
New community is open -- this is called The Literary Gothic, I basically made it clear that I am trying to bring in more Lovecraft based writers with this one since there are not that many around now or days. I would love to see a lot them come out of the shadows, especially since I am hoping that I would see some promising writers to come out of this one. I am not going to encourage the lj-cut to be written in there becuase that will be too cumbersome for those who are used to writing the longer entries. I am a rival of both Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite because the writing style I have is more in common with Brian Lumley, Robert Bloch and Anne Rule. I know I am about to piss off the host of the goth community on here but I know how the competition is and she might be sending some complaints to the main server here -- I am expecting it, nothing new with me because they bitch about me on livejournal because I badmouth their asses on xanga. For that matter those who bitch -- it is giving me more of a reason to be an itch in their plans.
I piss off the rainbow community and the Christian community equally, but I have respect for the faith community though. It is fun to get the community who hates Eminem and call Madonna
Here is is back on the internet, this time going on about a personal hero of his and making his infamous comment that is the title of this blog post. The problem is it isn't just his keyboard that he has been abusing all this time.

9:38 am
A review -- The Trenchcoat Chronicles
This talented poet never ceased to amaze my senses of how good of a writer he is. The peices to look at of his are Death of a Jester, Media Victim, If I Knew Then,,, Eleven, and Quadrinity. The site would be found from here, The Works of The Trenchcoat. In the five years that I have known this individual -- he is starting to show some of his humor toward a lot of things -- the funniest post he made was poking fun at Lance Bass' dream of going into space where he has better chances for being Ted Nudgent's quarry than going up in space. His writing style is dark and the way he sees the world through the eyes of a conservative but with liberal ideas. Very creative indeed, in the five years -- between my own site and his -- seen the most bullshit than any other site on the web.
Where they tend to use 9/11 as a ground for finding religion, he found it as a way to be very dark about it -- the poem 11 is one of his stronger peices of the time when it was written and the one that I inspired was titled Nightmare Of Reality -- that one captures what I do in a short poem. It was inspired by Real of the Uncertain which turned out to be on the money to how some of my visions are. I wrote this one as a journal passage on diary-x but turned out to be something more when the poem was included in with this one. His work reflected the times of his life that marked the good and the bad -- they get to show the reflection from being the bachelor to being a married man. The question of has marriage taken his edge off -- I think it added more of edge to what he was doing.
He had a 17 year head start on what he was doing -- abusing his thesaurus since 1985, I have been abusing the keyboard since 1991 -- which he shows that he has a strong writing style and used a tradgic event to make him shine. Shine on Trench -- may your work influence many poets and writers to come.


Anonymous said...

ETT I don't think that was him over at Rusty Nail today. I clicked on his name in one of the posts he supposedly did, and the address it was linked to was http://nickolauspacione.blogspot.com/takebackthemainstream

takebackthemainstream isn't a site he is affiliated with so I think they were victim to an impersonator.

The real Nicky made similar comments on his own blog where he modified it to make the ashes comment, so I guess your punishment is still justified today.

Anonymous said...

Unless his cousin Mike hopped back on his computer, that was from Nicky. I get a copy of all comments except what Akismet thinks is spam delivered to my inbox. The IP address tag on the message matches the static one that Comcast assigned him.

Anonymous said...

that's why i wont ever post over at rusty nail with that whole ip address thing. to my knowledge ett you can't view ip addys on blogspot can you? i prefer my anonymity ir makes it easier to tell you about the times i run into him here at the local goth shows.

ExposeTheTard said...

Sadly anonymous 1 that probably was him and like you said he did post the same thing when he edited his blog so the punishment still stands. While I'd like for him to stop mentioning innocents, today's post is part of a series that goes on a while. Basically he stays sick forever lol.

Rusty that's a shame he said that I am sorry.

Anonymous 2 not that I know of. I don't see anything with your personal info unless you are signed in and even then it just goes back to the site you link to. I suppose it would be nice to see how many people view this site but naw I don't care who you are really.

Anonymous said...

Blogger allows far more powerful tracking software than I can use at RN because it'll allow javascript, which WordPress won't.

Mostly I don't care who visits my blog either, but it's nice to be able to put troublemakers like Dagstine onto permanent moderation, and let the rest sail straight through. Given the alts Larry's been known to use, IP moderation is easier than keyword moderation.

cussedness said...

I have IP logging on all of my blogs. I started doing that after a long series of attacks on me in comments on my blogs. If reduced my stress level a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh no haha

The stories I got brewing right now are still the two novellas I am hammering away on, and the new short story I recently started hammering on when my new CD player came in. The moment I got that, the stories started coming out a lot faster than they did. I am writing one of the novellas at the same time as writing the new story, the new short story will be shopped around when I get done wit it. I don't care if the short story is going to be 4theluv or a paying market, as long it gets placed -- I am cool with it because it's going to become quite controversial (how many horror authors are willing to go the pro-life stance in a short story?)

Valyn said...

What a turd. He wants to moan about the flu and petty shit like that, yet he can pick on people who are REALLY sick like me. He's a piece of work, let me tell you.

I am cool with it because it's going to become quite controversial (how many horror authors are willing to go the pro-life stance in a short story?)

He only wants to do that to cause people to debate, so he can go off on one of his diarrhea laced tangents. He makes me puke in my mouth a little.

I'm having a bad day, not feeling good, I will check in more later or tomorrow. Night all.

Transgressive Fiction said...


I was reading An Eye In Shadows today and right after he mentions me he says

"This wasn't the only thing the individual pulled during preseason wrestling the little bastard did an atomic wedgie that ripped off my underwear-- I had to wear my jeans over my gym shorts the rest of the practice."

The thought of Nicky getting an atomic wedgie is the best thing!

Transgressive Fiction said...

Sorry ETT last post. If you haven't read this yet you need to!

They pulled this kind of crap during the wrestling season or the preseason by stealing my wrestling shoes and hiding them somewhere else in the locker room. There were things like that happened all the time and I was on the receiving end of punches to the face on a regular basis. As much as I couldn't afford to be punched in the nose they never hit the nose but they always end up hitting me in the face, always having a pair of broken glasses. I ended having to replace my glasses at least twice in a year I had a pair of wire rim aviator glasses in my freshmen and sophomore years. When I was in eight grade I had the turtle plastic frame until the end of the year. I didn't wear them in the eighth grade picture.

Picturing girls taking turns punching him repeatedly in the face is almost as good as the atomic wedgie.

Anonymous said...

To the mouse above me,

I'm almost inclined to buy a copy of 'Expose the Retarded Eye in Self-Inflicted Shadows' just so I can read gems like that.


I'll try to order it from the 'proper' channels (lulu.com?). It's probably out of print since Nicky runs only four or five copies at a time and sells it at an exorbitant price to discourage e-pirates.

Nevertheless, I shall try.

Hey, Nicky, your new word of the day is cumpirate. Be sure to use it at least twice a day. Ciao!

Lake Fossil Press said...
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