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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"I was a bit of a crab there because I was rained on -- decided to camp instead of getting a hotel." October 11th, 2002

Innocents attacked, ETT attacks back. It's so simple even...well nevermind.

Sorry folks I know I said I would go in order but I messed up, so let's go back to the begining of October 2nd, 2002, and read about "The Crazies"!
7:23 am Tired. I had one of those time frames where there are times where I don't sleep and when I do sleep -- it would be way too long and I would not be able to compose anything. So as I am just winding down to go to sleep for the morning; I am trying to brainstorm the next part of the chapter of the novel which is written by a webmaster which asked for me to do a cameo in form of one of my pictures -- the one that is being used is from the critia of Oct 2000. So I am writing the chapter as faithful as the novel is on his page, but adding a few twists of my own on this one. I cameo on Chapter 9 of the novel, and the chapter is called The Crazies. This chapter I am writing expands on the one about the crazies but darker -- goes into the detail of a vampire who self mutilates himself and allowing the female vampires to drink from his wounds. So you can say this chapter is a Robert Bloch take on the vampire myth. So this is going to be in the true muscular nature -- and it helps it along. I haven't
really written a vampire story in a long time -- I wrote one that is very psychological where the self mulitator in that story wanted to commit suicide and in the death party, he invited his friends who were vampires and had them all drink from him as he bled to death. The title of the vampire story I wrote is titled Nightmare of the Postmortem. The setting of the story is Wheaton College -- figured that I would write a horror tale set in DuPage County. The best way I can describe this one is it is more tormented than Bloodletting or Death Row: Incarceration of the Vampire. I wrote those in the very end of 1999, after my best friend and I were driving around Joliet -- he decided to make a turn around in a driveway and that driveway turned out to be Stateville Prison.
So from that Incarceration was born -- it was a story by itself and as close as
one can get to a sequel to Wrong Side Of The Tracks.

And, you'll get to read about the "handicapped cabin" and how he somehow qualified to ride in that!
5:29 am - three years later I was wondering if anyone who is reading this is familar with the train crash of March 15, 1999, of the Amtrak City of New Orleans. It was not far from where I used to live but on that note the inspiration came from watching a show called Minute by Minute on A&E to break my writers block and the result was the speculative journal entry titled Clocks of Eternity. I remember exactly was I doing that morning and everything -- I was struggling to wake up to get ready for work. This was the town that it happened in because I remembered them stopping and closing down the power to the train when they in Bourbonais, Illinois. The sleeper car I was in was one of the ones where a passenger died. I thought about that day the train crashed a lot because I was going to be going the same route for Goth Con 2002. As excited I was to go down to New Orleans, Louisiana, I was spooked about the idea that I was going to be taking the train that collided into a Semi truck -- killing 11 and injuring many more. I left exactly a week after the three year dark
anniversery -- and as a result I had a ton of nightmares about seeing the ghosts of the children that died in the accident -- there were three girls who died in there and then their grandmother and a family friend. Five right there --- then 6 others, then a girl then 8 losing her right leg. I am deticating the three essays to the families who died in that accident. If anyone from that accident would like to contact me may do so via email -- I was not being disrespectful, just this is a horror writers taken and the nightmares that came in the mind because I took the same train three years later. I was talking with a few people about this -- the ones who related were Lia and Necrotica because they both remembered what happened and what they were doing on that morning. So I was starting to think about that accident when I was on the train more and the nightmares combined with the not being able to find my meds caused me to go into a bipolar version of a diabetic shock. I think that explained why I was so tired coming down to New Orleans because I did not really get that much sleep or when I did sleep -- it was a very light one. Though I knew that Michelle was going to be down there to meet me -- the train was running late. I was basic carted in because they thought I was in bad shape. A nervous wreck -- basically that was the way I can best describe it, I had pulled out the bedding I had packed for the trip and fell asleep on the handicapped cabin. Where before I left -- after getting the ticket for on the train managed to pen the narrative Derailed and when I got back immediately wrote Among Shadows which is acutally a wraparound sequel. It is a sequel to Among Shadows but wraps around Derailed.

Now let's jump to October 11th because a lot of good crap happens in September.

While others are in their motels, he is too stupid and cheap to get a room so he always slept outside. Well this time it bit him in the ass because he not only got stuck in the rain, once again the cops were going to arrrest him for camping where he shouldn't have been.

October 11th, 2002 12:11 am
- a year ago this month It was a
year ago that I had attended the convention known as Journal Con 2001, now here I am writing a little bit about it in the sense I did not really feel in place there because everyone around me were humorists or ones who celebrated the diversity movement (something I really shun, and disgree with openly.) I felt out of place because of what I did as a writer was way too dark for what they could really understand -- or even wanted to understand. Coming back from GothCon, journal con was one of those that did not really appeal to writers but more the ones who were chatty journal keepers -- GothCon was a mixed bag, really introduced my style of writing to a widespread audience. I was a bit of a crab there because I was rained on -- decided to camp instead of getting a hotel. I went to the first two days of this then I started to feel ill because the lack of sleep and the hard rains. The winds kept blowing over my tent even with the good stake; and it caused me to run a little late to the reception dinner -- I caught the very end of it but managed to get in there though. I was not photographed with the group because I was the one behind the camera and one of the others did my picture separately - I am thankful that she was willing to do the separate one; and this picture became my favorite picture of the ones I did around that time but there is one that I did between the nights -- when I missed my train. I had a scare which I was almost arrested by Chicago's finest until I told him I was camping in Tinley Park and I was a writer. He was searching my backpack and found all the journals -- the story checked out and I was free to go. The other scare that week was when I got stopped by Cary police department -- the first time when I was doing an improv photo session (self portraits. I wanted a few for the website since I was writing some new material -- that was the first time I wrote something on the road when I made it to my cousins place in Algonquin, Illinois. She came and got me from the hospital -- I don't remember how long I was kept there but I remember having to be wrapped with a lot of blankets because the place where they had me was colder than a morgue.
Literary looked like a mummy with my face showing -- I did dose off some but when I got to the cousins, dead to the world.) I had always had this creepy feeling when I was in the hospital -- ever since I had been bundled down from my stabbing. I had actually had a peaceful sleep when I was staying with the cousins -- the change of atmosphere was what did it for me. As I am, the cousin is also a writer but writes children stories -- I don't know if there are other horror writers in the family. I hate having to compete with a relative for exposure but I wouldn't mind co-writing one with a cousin. The one cousin who lives in the Hanover Park area is also a writer, writes like J.R.R. Tolkien according to the aunt. I was so tired that night I made it to the cousin in Algonquin -- the moment I pulled myself into the sleeping bag I packed and laying on the rug, it was a matter of seconds that I was asleep. I did not even change into the sweats I packed since I normally sleep in sweats like how people sleep either nude or in their clothes -- I had a bad habit of sleeping in my clothes especially when travelling. I did this a lot when I was in college -- especially when I was sleeping in the infirmery. The nurse could not get over how I slept -- remembering how they would do for treating victims for shock, I would curl up in a blanket and basically be close to dead to the world. That it how it was that Sunday when it was the last day of JournalCon -- I found myself too sick to go to the last part of it, I caught up on a lot of sleep that day but I could not get over how bad my clothes were waterlogged. I did not have anything dry so I went to the PADS shelter in Cary and McHerny until I got a hold of the cousin. I stayed with her for a few days then the last part of the trip I stayed with the other moderator if my e-list -- I am in touch with her from time to time but things get busy on both ends from time to time. I thank her for helping me getting over my fear of going through Cicero -- I basically know my way around since I met bugbear. The first time I met her was when my best friends were going camping and I was trying to go to the Taste of Schamburg -- which it was cool though because I got to check out the Italian Festival of North Riverside. She showed me around the Jewish Cemetery; Bug was one of my few good female friends -- look up to her like the big sister I never had. It was from her place I made my way to Canada -- since she lived near the blue line and needed to take that all the way to O'Hare. I did not know that was going to be my last time in an airplane for a long time. Which lead me to going to JournalCon -- the thing that was not on my side was the weather then. But I was running out of money then as well -- but I will be going into a hostel, and this is the first time I am doing. Between the December of 2000 and Feb 2001 -- there were many firsts for me and after 9/11 I found myself making a few choices when it came to travelling around . What I was doing that day on 9/11 -- I was looking around for a campground which allowed tents hoping to save a few dollars since I knew how much hotels can be in Chicago. I know of one place now in Chicago Heights that I can stay at because it has a $100 weekly rate which is
not bad -- I had done that before when I was in Canada . So a year ago this month I found myself hiding so I could catch myself up on a lot of lost sleep.

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